Jennifer Garner's vertical bathroom cabinets turn a disused area into a functional, tidy space

The 13 Going on 30 star utilizes vertical storage, in a move experts say is essential to keeping a bathroom feel controlled and neat

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Jennifer Garner's home cooking videos have been a favorite here at H&G, and as such, we feel we have become well acquainted with her spacious and bright kitchen space. However, she recently posted a video on TikTok in her bathroom, and we might have a contender for a new favorite room in the actor's home.

The 13 Going on 30 and Elektra star's bathroom is a modern and luxe space, featuring wood ceiling beams, a marble shower, and gold fixtures. However, our eyes were immediately drawn to the neat, under-sink cabinetry (which includes a variety of drawer sizes), and tall vertical shelves by her shower.

We never thought of putting vertical storage in our shower until we saw Garner's shelving system, but now, it makes complete sense. She's using a space that would otherwise go unused – teaching us to make the most of unexpected wall space in even the most luxurious of bathrooms.


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Storage solutions are imperative to maintaining the visual appeal of a bathroom, and experts say that bathroom storage ideas should be top of mind when designing or renovating a space.

'Making use of the vertical space, especially with tall cupboards, allows homeowners to maximize the overall storage capacity of their bathrooms,' comments Moe Soloff, a cabinet designer from Fabuwood.

'In my experience, I've seen many clients benefit greatly from the use of tall cupboards in their spaces. They are especially useful in smaller homes where every square inch counts.' In Garner's case, she uses vertical, built-in shelving to house her shower essentials, but as Soloff explains, it also pays to go vertical in the kitchen.

'We once worked with a homeowner who had a small kitchen space. We suggested using tall cabinets that reach up to the ceiling, which not only created more storage space but also gave the illusion of a taller, more spacious room,' he says.

Vertical shelving, like Garner's, allows for optimal storage, but Soloff explains that this storage idea has aesthetic benefits, too. As mentioned, the actress opted for built-in shelving (without front doors) in her shower area but when going vertical, we can choose cabinets with doors that fit a decorative purpose.

'They can be designed to match the room's aesthetics, becoming a part of the overall decor. They can also be fitted with attractive hardware and internal lighting, which enhances their functionality and look,' Soloff says.

Garner's mix of more narrow cabinets for smaller and compact items and larger cabinets for robust accessories like hairdryers also makes for a perfectly balanced storage space. The shower seamlessly transitions to her vanity – a choice that feels as strategic as it does storage-saving.

Below, find bathroom storage solutions that will ensure any space feels tidier and more spacious.

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