Jennifer Lopez's living room gives a dose of dopamine with this on-trend accent piece

Adding a bold pop of color to the home is a mood booster (and it's JLo, and designer-approved)

Jennifer Lopez
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Between her recently released film and coinciding album, it's safe to say that singer-actor-director Jennifer Lopez is having a big moment. 

Something else that's having a big moment? Pops of color in otherwise neutral interiors. JLo is a fan, having recently posted a photo of herself getting ready for the This Is Me... Now premiere in her living room, featuring wood paneled floors, greige walls, and most notably, a turquoise couch.

It's no secret that color is a mood booster, often because it reminds us of our natural surroundings (i.e., sunshine yellow or sky blue). Experts say, however, that dopamine is actually a trend in itself.

'Where color does come in is in line with the dopamine décor and sensory home trend,' Lucy Mather, sofa specialist at Arighi Bianchi, says. 'One of the key shifts we have seen in the broadening of interior design trends is driven by us making our homes a more ‘sensory’ experience. It’s about how our spaces make us feel, and of course, color is a key way to drive a positive mood.'

Lucy Mather
Lucy Mather

Lucy is a design expert at Arighi Bianchi, a luxury Italian furnishing company based in the UK. The brand is best known for supplying furniture to royal residences, including Sandringham House and Marlborough House in the 20th century. 

Lucy says that when color is brought into everyday items such as sofas (like JLo's statement piece), they bring life to what is otherwise just functional furniture.

'This is why the color choice for couches has significantly expanded, and big statement living room sofas now come in almost every color imaginable – sofas can certainly be the style setter in a room versus just there for practicality,' she explains.

colors that go with light grey, grey living room with cream carpet and drapes, bright blue couch with coloured pillows, stripe foot stool, console table, artwork, lamps, large window with view of garden

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

While sofas are a bold way to introduce color into a home, for those wanting to ease into color incorporation, there are smaller ways to add pops of vibrancy into a space.

'If you’re not confident with color, introduce accent colors in smaller areas to brighten up a room,' says designer Clara Ewart. 'Whether it is a trim on a headboard or cushion, a window frame, a favorite piece of painted furniture, or a colorful picture frame, these small pops of color lift a space, and you can introduce more as your confidence grows.'

Portrait of Clara Ewart Head of design at Kitesgrove
Clara Ewart

Head of Design at London studio Kitesgrove, Clara brings her understanding of the architectural complexities of a project to every brief and is equally confident designing the interior architecture and flow of a building as she is selecting an artwork or perfect fabric for a client.

Below, find some colorful items that are bound to add vibrancy to any living space.

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