Can't renovate your kitchen? Jenny Marrs recommends this is the easiest room to give a refresh instead

'Such simple changes can make it feel like a new, refreshed space', Dave and Jenny Marrs share their easy bedroom updates exclusively with H&G

Jenny and Dave Marrs
(Image credit: Courtesy of Jenny and Dave Marrs)

When planning a renovation, the kitchen is an obvious starting point. As the center point of social gatherings, we design this space to leave an impression – but such projects come with inevitable time and cost commitments. So, which are the rooms you should be looking to instead when a kitchen renovation isn't on the cards? Dave and Jenny Marrs encourage us to look to the bedroom instead. 

While the bedroom is notably more private, and less likely to be shown off to guests as frequently as a kitchen might be, the Fixer to Fabulous duo says that this space is surprisingly impactful when elevating a home on a smaller budget. It can feel like a totally new space with just a fresh coat of paint, new bedding, and a change of soft furnishings. Far easier (and more budget-friendly) than pulling our cabinets and reconfiguring layouts. 

'People forget about their bedroom because they're the only ones who enjoy it, so they leave it for last. However, I would recommend starting with this space because that's something you can enjoy. It's where you start and end your day,' Jenny says in an exclusive interview with H&G. So, what do the pair suggest changing?

colourful bedroom with pink embroidered headboard and yellow bedside light, blue bedspread and colourful artwork

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'If you're decorating on a budget, this room will be easier to update. You can paint and swap out bedding – and such simple changes can make it feel like a new, refreshed space,' Jenny says. 'It's so simple and inexpensive.'

While we and our guests may spend more time (awake) in our kitchens, elevating our bedrooms will make our most intimate room feel new – and, in turn, will create a refreshed feeling in our homes overall. After all, as Jenny reminds us, every day starts and ends in this space so it deserves just as much attention as the kitchen. 

Dave and Jenny Marrs
Jenny and Dave Marrs

Designer Jenny and expert craftsman Dave Marrs are the stars of HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous and Almost Home. Jenny also appears on Rock the Block (alongside designers including Jasmine Roth and Leanne Ford) and Design At Your Door (with Tamara Day and Tiffany Brooks). They currently live in a restored farmhouse in Northwest Arkansas.

A blue and white patterned bed headboard against a white wall.

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With that said, however, Jenny and Dave do re-emphasize the impact that a kitchen makeover can have, adding that it's still always worth upgrading our kitchens when budget allows. 'The kitchen is obviously going to be your most expensive room to overhaul, but if you have the money for a renovation – and can only choose one space – I recommend changing the kitchen,' she comments.

'We always say the space that dates a home the most is a kitchen and a bathroom because those are where styles and design trends change. If you have money for a renovation, I would start in the kitchen, but if you're looking for something quick and easy to make your space feel refreshed, I'd go with the bedroom.'

For more design tips from Jenny, we're picking up a copy of her new book, available via Amazon below.

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