Jenny Marrs' design ideology teaches us how to create 'beautiful' spaces in homes of all sizes

'If it's beautiful to you, then that's all that matters': Jenny Marrs shares the secret to creating a 'warm' and 'intentional' home

Dave and Jenny Marrs
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Fixer to Fabulous star Jenny Marrs may have built her career on HGTV, but she's recently added another skill to her résumé. The designer and television star just released her first book, House + Home = Love, which explores her design ideology: creating ‘warm, intentional spaces’ for a beautiful life and home.

Naturally, 'beauty' is subjective to every person – so how can Jenny's teaching translate to every personality? According to Jenny, the key is to create a space that celebrates our interests and lives – and that often means disregarding common decorating 'rules.'

'The idea is to look at your home and to determine how you use each space. It’s about not feeling like you should get caught up in boundaries defined by whoever and whatever,' Jenny shares exclusively with H&G

'For example, someone might say you have to have a dining room, but you absolutely don't need one. If you want to use the space differently, then do that.'

Jenny Marrs

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'It's about giving you permission to think through how you use your spaces and to be really thoughtful and intentional about making those spaces work for you and your family. It’s also about letting go of worldly pressures – most specifically from social media that tells us what a beautiful space should be.' And, this teaching converts to homes of all sizes. 

Jenny Marrs
Jenny Marrs

Designer Jenny Marrs is the star of HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous and Almost Home. She also appears on Rock the Block (alongside designers including Jasmine Roth and Leanne Ford) and Design At Your Door (with Tamara Day and Tiffany Brooks). Jenny lives and works with her husband and co-star, Dave, in a restored farmhouse in Northwest Arkansas.

Whether we decorate with antiques that we may have formerly hidden away or exhibit our favorite books, photos, or artworks, Jenny says that the most beautiful spaces are those that bring a sense of warm joy to the homeowner. And, if people disagree with our decorating choices, it doesn't matter as long as they make us happy. 

'It’s the idea of being intentional in the space and then bringing in the warmth. It’s about showcasing your story and exhibiting the things you love,' Jenny comments. 'This doesn't mean you have to hang photos on every wall. It just means we should introduce pieces we love and use those things. Don't just store them in the closet.'

And, of course, this teaching stands in the Marrs household. 'The dishes that are on the shelf in our kitchen are from our wedding. Yes, we’ve broken some over the years, but we use them every day, and I love them,' she says. 'I could buy new ones and have different dishes up there, but I love those dishes because they are a part of our family story.'

gallery wall of vintage plates arranged round a mirrored candle sconce

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'It’s the idea of having things that you love surround you in your home and not worrying about whether or not someone else thinks it's beautiful. If it's beautiful to you, then that's all that matters.'

For more advice on how to create a joyful, functional home, whatever the size, Jenny's book (available via Amazon below) is the perfect starting point. 

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