Jessica Alba introduces an eternally tranquil bathroom color trend that will be everywhere in 2024

The actress and her co-star Lizzy Matthis designed a beautiful bathroom with a calming color that's a huge emerging trend for the year ahead

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Move over white bathrooms, there's a new calming tile color in town and it's stunning. According to experts, Blue bathroom tiles are poised to become a huge trend in 2024. One glance at the all-blue space designed by Jessica Alba and Lizzy Mathis and it's clear why.

The Fantastic Four actress and her lifestyle guru best friend are partners on Roku's Honest Renovations, where they surprise parents by taking their homes to the next level. One of our favorite spaces from the show is an all-blue bathroom with glossy blue wall tiles, a patterned blue and white painted tile floor, and a white soaking tub.

Design experts love the blue bathroom look. 'Blue tiled walls in bathrooms evoke a sense of tranquility and elegance, transforming ordinary spaces into serene sanctuaries,' says Nina Lichtenstein, Westchester-based interior designer.

'The calming blue and white bathroom ideas also evoke imagery of nature and water, reminiscent of tranquil oceans or refreshing mountain lakes,' Lichtenstein says.

'This connection to natural elements enhances the overall ambiance of the bathroom, creating a soothing retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Moreover, there are numerous benefits of this design choice, including how it interacts with patterned tile floors.'

Alba and Mathis's chosen bathroom color idea is effective because it is so versatile. 'Blue tiles come in a wide range of styles, from traditional ceramic subway tiles to contemporary glass mosaics,' says Lichtenstein. Even in this small bathroom, we see two different styles of beautiful blue tiles. Lichtenstein continues, 'This diversity allows for endless creativity and customization in bathroom design.'

Furthermore, the blue bathroom style is predicted to be a huge interior design trend in 2024. Lichtenstein tells Homes & Gardens, 'The use of blue tiled walls in bathrooms is gaining popularity and is poised to become a lasting trend. Blue is a classic color choice that transcends fads. Its association with water and nature makes it a perennial favorite for bathroom decor. As interior design trends shift towards more serene and spa-like bathroom environments, the calming effect of blue tiled walls aligns perfectly with this aesthetic direction.'

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When it comes to design trends, tranquil spaces that make people feel calm and comfortable will always be in style. In this case, a glossy blue tiled bathroom provides a welcome deviation from the traditional white spa bathroom. We can't wait to see the spaces that Alba and Mathis create in season two.

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