Joanna Gaines' curated collection at Magnolia Home is an homage to the past – here's why we're obsessed

The Fixer Upper host has launched a collection of curated antiques and our design experts love it

joanna gaines and her curated vitage collection at magnolia home
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Joanna Gaines is an objective icon in the world of design and home interiors. The Texas-based interior designer is co-host of the HGTV show Fixer Upper with her husband Chip Gaines. She is also the founder of the highly successful Magnolia Home brand and the New York Times bestselling author of seven books. She is practically a fountain of wisdom on home decor ideas.

Most recently, Joanna launched the Found & Collected collection at Magnolia Home, and we are completely obsessed. The limited one-of-a-kind drop includes vintage goods, authentic antiques, and global heirlooms, all curated by Joanna Gaines.

'This kind of collection is a dream for me, and I hope you might find a piece you can’t wait to welcome home,' says Joanna about Found & Collected. See the Instagram post that launched the collection below. 

Joanna describes Found and Collected as a collection of 'all of the things I've hoarded over the last few years.' But it's so much more than that. Each piece in the Magnolia Home curated vintage collection has a unique story, an original history, and a look just its own.  

There are infinite reasons to love Jo's collection, but here are our top three.

1. The curated pieces are beautiful

found and collected pieces chosen by joanna gaines

(Image credit: Magnolia Home)

It may seem obvious, but we love Joanna's Found & Collected collection because it's beautiful. Every piece is made of the collection is made of rich materials like antique wood, hand-glazed ceramic, or vintage wicker. The pieces have a lustrous charm that is difficult to come by in more modern furnishings. By decorating with antiques, especially Joanna's recommendations, you can make your home more visually appealing. 

2. Choosing antiques is hard - Joanna Gaines makes it easy

found and collected entire collection

(Image credit: Magnolia Home)

Buying antique furniture online can be a bit of a gamble. You never know the condition an item might be in, how durable the materials are, or if the actual item will match the photos. By shopping with Joanna Gaines at Magnolia Home, you take the guessing out of your search. Joanna's values of quality and function are guaranteed.

Furthermore, trawling tens of websites to find the 'perfect' vintage or antique piece can be time-consuming. There is so much to sort through that just doesn't match your personal style. Shopping the Found & Collected collection shortens the search to only pieces that are pre-approved by Joanna Gaines's discerning eye that you can shop in one lightning-fast web search.

3. Each piece is unique, allowing you to create an original home

green letterpress desk from magnolia home

(Image credit: Magnolia Home)

Much of the goal of decorating with vintage is about creating a unique story in your home. With Found & Collected, this history is a guarantee. Joanna Gaines states: 'It doesn’t matter how long it’s been – for every piece of furniture or decor, old or new, I can remember the moment I first saw it, its detailing, who I bought it from, and how we’ve used it.' Thus each piece has at least two stories, its life before Joanna and the narrative she's created around it. What a beautiful way to fill your home with history.

Shop our favorite pieces from the Found & Collected collection below.

Sophie Edwards
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