Is the ‘quiet luxury’ trend over? Karlie Kloss’s bold bathroom indicates that dramatic design is on the rise

Karlie Kloss's surprising bathroom is making us reconsider the popularity of the 'stealth wealth' look in interior design

karlie kloss in ralph lauren
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Cultural influences like Succession have made quiet luxury one of the biggest interior design trends of 2023. However, not everyone is so happy to choose the muted colors and subdued styles of the stealth wealth look. Supermodel Karlie Kloss is one such non-conformist. Karlie is known for doing the unexpected (like her recent attendance at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour) and her boldly designed bathroom is no different.

The former Victoria’s Secret angel took to Instagram to share her bathroom in a Prada ensemble. Karlie’s bathroom is stylish and incredibly bold. Nearly every surface including the walls, floor, and inside of the shower is made of chic ivory marble with chic brown-grey veins. The glass shower and silver hardware stand out against the marble and give a more modern aesthetic to the space. Karlie Kloss perches on the edge of a bright white and chrome stand-alone tub. Though the colors of Karlie’s bathroom are still muted in the quiet luxury style, the room doesn’t whisper luxury; it screams it.

We consulted with design experts to see what they had to say about the model’s unconventional design choice. ‘The timelessness achieved in this design provides a brilliant example of “luxurious simplicity,”’ says Racheal Hageness, an award-winning interior designer based in Las Vegas. Notably, though Karlie’s design is simple, it is anything but understated, largely due to the recognizably expensive marble decor and flashy silver bathtub. Rachael continues: ‘The precision necessary to successfully execute a simple design is one of the most difficult challenges designers face. This interior features a stunning figured marble that is treated with such respect. The reflective polished stainless soaking tub was no accident. Leaving this material to stand alone without visual interruption is pure genius!’

rachael hageness at aspen james design
Racheal Hageness

Racheal Hageness is an award-winning Las Vegas-based designer with over 17 years of luxury design experience. With an eclectic portfolio spanning the globe from California to China; Her success in both high-end residential and luxury hospitality design provides an unmatched understanding of quality interior experiences. 

Julio Arco, an interior designer at Bark and Chase, further complimented the grounding effects of this much marble. He says ‘the incorporation of brown marble or brown tile can bring a warm, earthy, and luxurious feel to a bathroom space. Julio continues ‘The unique veining of marble or the smooth surface of tiles can add visual interest to the space and create a haptic experience.’ 

Julio Arco
Julio Arco

Julio Arco has been practicing as an architect, interior designer, and online interior designer for the past several years in the United States. He holds a degree in Architecture from ITESM and a Master’s degree in Urban Design and Housing from McGill University. He is also a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).  

With experts and icons alike applauding this dramatic style, we wonder if bolder looks like Karlie’s bathroom will soon replace our obsession with the quiet luxury look. We found a bathtub that matches Karlie's look available on Wayfair, shop below!

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