Kate Beckinsale's kitchen shelving embraces a unique, decorative twist – designers say it's a feast for the eyes

Spherical open shelves create quite the statement in the actress' kitchen; the design showcases an artful blend of both beauty and functionality

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For some, kitchen shelves can be an endless work in progress in terms of organization. Whether open or closed, navigating the world of kitchen storage can be a trying task involving strategy and an eye for smart design. This is why we love a multi-purpose unit in the kitchen, something that can merge beauty and functionality.

Kate Beckinsale's kitchen shelving idea embraces a unique twist. The open-plan, wooden space, which serves in contrast to her white, marble floor tiles, features open large, mirrored circles on the wall, which also double as shelving. The spherical storage softens the space and has a unique, retro feel while also providing ample room for kitchen items to sit (and an opportunity to get a glimpse of our reflections).

Open shelving offers both practical and aesthetic benefits, making it a no-brainer addition to the kitchen, as designers explain.

'Open shelving creates a sense of openness and airiness, making even small kitchens feel larger and more inviting,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein.

'Without the visual barriers of traditional cabinetry, your kitchen can appear more spacious and less cluttered.' An additional perk of open shelving on the visual front is it puts possessions front and center.

'Open shelving provides a perfect platform to showcase your favorite kitchenware and decor,' Lichtenstein explains. 'From beautiful ceramics and glassware to cookbooks and plants, you can personalize your kitchen and add character with carefully curated displays.'

In the case of Beckinsale's space, the benefits of open shelving are met with a unique twist on the classic via one decorating tool: mirrors. This surface has long been used by designers who use reflective surfaces as a way to add more light and interest to a space, but the actress has done so in the most decorative (and practical way possible). She can enjoy the airiness achieved by decorating with mirrors alongside the qualities of open shelving, as Lichtenstein explains.

'With open shelves, everything you need is within easy reach,' she states. 'This setup is particularly useful for frequently used items, allowing for quick and convenient access without the need to open and close cabinet doors.'

Lichtenstein recommends starting out the organization process by grouping items together based on function.

'Keep everyday dishes and glassware on lower shelves for easy access, while placing less frequently used items higher up,' she suggests. 'This not only makes your kitchen more functional but also ensures that your shelves look neat and purposeful.'

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Next, take a look at the shapes of items, and how they look alongside each other.

'Strive for a balanced look by mixing different sizes and types of items,' she says. 'Pair stacks of plates with bowls and intersperse them with decorative elements like small plants or cookbooks. Avoid overcrowding by leaving some space between items to maintain an organized and visually pleasing display.'

Alternatively, color coordination is always a safe move. 'This technique works particularly well with open shelving, as it draws the eye across the shelves and creates a more polished appearance,' Lichtenstein adds. 'Consider using a consistent color palette for your dishes and decor to enhance the aesthetic appeal.'

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