Kate Hudson's glass cabinets promote a 'sense of openness' that's beneficial in kitchens of every size

The actress blends glazed cabinetry with powder green features to create a nostalgic kitchen that radiates personality

Kate Hudson
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Kate Hudson and her nostalgic kitchen have done it again. The actress and her vintage-style kitchen are no strangers to shaping how we decorate, but we've just found our current favorite feature in the shape of her glazed cabinetry. 

Hudson has a habit of reviving bygone aesthetics in her Pacific Palisades home (the perfect backdrop since it's the same property she lived with her mother, Goldie Hawn, in the '80s), but her combination of glass and powder green kitchen cabinets is replicable far beyond Los Angeles. 

We've already looked at this green hue in some depth, but the glazed cabinets similarly deserve a moment of their own. As functional as they are good-looking, glass-fronted kitchen storage is a time-honored way to showcase our most treasured kitchenware, and it remains a favorite among designers, who urge us to follow Hudson's style.

'Glass-front cabinets have many benefits, including promoting a sense of openness in your kitchen, which can make the space feel larger and more inviting,' comments Katy Wells, the founder of Clutter Cure Club and host of The Maximized Minimalist podcast.

While we're sure Hudson's space is far from compact, Wells explains that glass-fronted cabinets also have size-enhancing qualities in small kitchens that can benefit from increased airiness. 'Glass-front cabinets have many benefits, including promoting a sense of openness in your kitchen, which can make the space feel larger and more inviting,' she notes.

Functionality and aesthetics aside, it's impossible for us not to note the personal benefits of Hudson's storage system. Hudson has filled her glazed cabinets with glassware, mugs, and plates, but we can also decorate with antiques and other items that celebrate our individuality. 

'Glass cabinets encourage you to keep only what you love and need, as everything is visible, fostering a decluttered, intentional environment. Plus, they offer an opportunity to display your favorite (and even sentimental) dishes or glassware as part of your home's decor, blending functionality with showcasing your personal style,' Wells adds.

When paired with Hudson's green cabinet color, the glass cabinets echo the charm of a retro kitchen, but the space doesn't feel dated. Instead, it brings this vintage aesthetic to life in a contemporary way – and it's a look that, we predict, will impress for many more decades to come. 

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Glass cabinets aside, we can tap into Hudson's space with these inspired picks below. 

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