Kate Upton’s living room proves that beige isn’t bland – and nods to ‘quiet luxury’

Michigan-born model Kate Upton shares a glimpse into her living room, and we’re here for its contemporary all-beige look

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Kate Upton took to Instagram to share a light-hearted post: two photos of her pet dog, ‘Norman’ which humorously compared the size of him against his past puppy self. In the photo, we couldn’t help but take a closer look at the interiors in the background of the home, which master all things beige and nod to the quiet luxury trend. 

Quiet luxury, a trend that’s emerged in popularity in 2023 thanks to the likes of leading influencers such as Sofia Richie-Grainge, is all about investment pieces that are elegant and timeless, that steer clear from overly branded and loud statements.

Upton's living space reflects the quiet luxury trend, committing to a fully-beige color palette and an overall pared-back style. Whilst beige room ideas on their own can look flat, making sure to experiment with the finish of pieces will elevate the space. In this case, it's the addition of different textures and prints that ensures a point of interest remains. 

As demonstrated by Upton, the room features a large rectangular rug that fills the space with contemporary and cornflour blue detailing. Pairing well with the soft beige, bringing in small hints of other soft colors, such as this blue adds some depth to the refined decor of the room. 

Positioned on the far wall is a set of drawers, and whilst they stick to the beige color scheme, they have been finished in a distressed paint which creates a vintage look and again prevents the room from feeling too flat. 

Another standout piece in this space is the art that hangs on the wall. Upton opts for two modern prints, in contrasting bright blue and green colors, which uplift the room and break things up yet still maintain the room's overarching beige interior. 

We spoke to design expert Sara McLean, color expert and stylist at Dunn-Edwards to get her take on Upton’s beige living room, and we can confirm that the beige trend is a win: 

'Kate's room is a stunning example of the 'quiet luxury' trend. The thoughtful use of warm grays, browns, and greiges creates a serene and inviting atmosphere. It strikes the perfect balance between feminine and masculine elements, vintage and modern influences for an all-together artfully curated space that reminds us “less is more”.' 

'The use of elevated, high-quality materials such as warm woods, silks, and woolen textures – exude quiet luxury, highlighting the goal of long-lasting subtle style through elements that will stand the test of time. It's a serene oasis for quiet reflection and a testament to the elegance of the trend.'

Sara McLean
Sara McLean

Sara McLean is Dunn-Edwards's color expert and stylist. At the Los Angeles-based paint company, Sara observes and creates future paint trends, while keeping an eye on current color demands around the US and internationally. 

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