Kevin Bacon's barn creates an inviting focal point in his backyard – it's all because of this classic paint color

A bold and welcoming color makes an impact on the landscape of the actor's backyard. It's the perfect color to paint a barn

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When we think about a home's exterior, the first thing that comes to mind is house color. However, there are several opportunities to make a visual impact on properties with more than one structure. On Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick's farm, the couple takes full advantage of these opportunities.

Most notably, the celebrity couple has painted their barn a deep, rusty red exterior paint color. In a recent Instagram video, Bacon and Sedgewick walk joyfully across their property, black and white spotted pigs in tow. In the background, horses nibble on the grass, and three red barn structures create a beautiful contrast with the blue sky and green Connecticut pastures.

Red is one of the most classic colors for a barn, and for good reason. 'Red paint is a classic heritage shade for rural settings, particularly barns, as linseed oil and ferrous oxide were traditionally combined to weather-proof farm out-buildings, creating a beautiful rust-toned finish,' says Charlotte Cosby, Creative Director at Farrow & Ball. In Kevin Bacon's backyard, it gives the outdoor space a classic feel.

farrow and ball creative director charlotte cosby
Charlotte Cosby

Charlotte began her career in finance, but she soon realized that her heart was in the creative world and she moved to Farrow & Ball in 2006. She has full responsibility for creative direction, including product development, brand identity, photography, showroom design and much more. Charlotte is passionate about pattern, colour and design.

Though the image of a red barn is relatively ubiquitous, this quintessential barn color has benefits beyond its classic status. First, if you find yourself more scared than excited by the unexpected red theory, using red as an exterior paint color can take some of the bite out of the color. Charlotte tells Homes & Gardens: 'While red can feel like a daunting color to use in the home, it makes for a stimulating and appealing shade in outside spaces with its bold intensity.'

Furthermore, the paint trend has become popular because of its boldness. This bright, bold quality is especially impactful in a rural environment, like Kevin Bacon's farm. Charlotte states: 'Red remains a popular choice for an inviting focal point, particularly contrasted against the greens, blues and browns of the surrounding landscape.' When looking out across the yard, it immediately draws the eye.

Whether you live in on a sprawling farm, or in a city apartment, the power of the color red is undeniable. As the exterior shade of Kevin Bacon's barn, it's absolutely perfect.

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