Khloé Kardashian's trellis garden is one of the best we've ever seen – here's how to recreate this stunning feature

The socialite's Calabasas backyard is an English garden oasis in California – and this blooming trellis is our favorite feature

Khloé kardashian
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A well-designed garden has the power to transport you. Clearly, Khloé Kardashian is no stranger to the concept of a garden as an oasis, proven by the lush, English-inspired style at her Calabasas home. Although the whole backyard is impressive, one of the best features is the rose and wisteria-covered trellis that leads from her pool area to her rose garden. 

The socialite dreamed up her trellis after feeling inspired by a traditional English garden aesthetic. Khloé told Poosh: 'For the longest time, I have always been in love with the full, overgrown look of an English garden. My gardens represent the magic in my mind and bring me such peace. They're this beautiful wonderland in my own backyard.' 

The media personality's vision certainly came to fruition: the space is full of quintessentially English staples like roses, the architectural feature of the trellis, and winding paths.

Unsurprisingly, garden experts are equally drawn to Khloe's statement backyard feature. David Denyer, two-time Florist of the Year and six-time Chelsea Gold Medalist at Eflorist, states: 'Trellis gardens are cherished for several reasons. First, they are loved for their aesthetic appeal.'

David adds: 'Trellis gardens add a vertical element to gardening, allowing for the cultivation of climbing plants and vines. This creates a visually stunning display, often enhancing the beauty of a garden with layers and depth.' He adds: 'Trellises can create microclimates by providing shade or wind protection, which can benefit both the plants and the gardener.'

david denyer
David Denyer

 David Denyer is an expert florist and gardener. He is a two-time Interflora Florist of the Year and a six-time RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medalist. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is currently working as a flower expert at Eflora.

Furthermore, he says these displays are wonderful for small gardens. 'Trellises are particularly beneficial for those with limited gardening space. By growing plants vertically, one can cultivate various plants in a smaller area. This is ideal for urban gardens or small backyards,' states David.


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If you're convinced you need a trellis garden for your climbing plants, never fear. Teresa Conway, a garden editor at Homes & Gardens, is here with all of her expert tips. 'Though many of us won’t have space for such a lengthy structure, nor the time for the amount of maintenance it would take to train that amount of roses, it is possible to emulate this staple English country garden feature fairly simply with a garden trellis arch,' says Teresa.

teresa conway
Teresa Conway

Teresa has been a Gardens Editor at Homes & Gardens, Country Homes & Interiors, and Livingetc magazine since 2020. Teresa is passionate about the positive effects gardening has on our mental health to grow and care for plants. She also finds it to be a wonderful opportunity to tap into our creative sides and believes that garden design has as much a place in our love of the home as interiors.

She continues, 'Roses are the classic choice for a trellis arch; for Khloé, they represent love, but be sure to choose a variety that suits your soil type and garden conditions. And my personal view is that it's not worth growing roses that aren't going to fill your nose scent as you stroll by. If you succeed with a single trellis arch, position a second or third to create a walkway similar to Khloé's.'

Building beautiful spaces that help to recharge you is always a worthwhile investment, and Khloe Kardashian's trellis garden is proof of how much of a difference this kind of space can make.

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