This statement furnishing in Kyle Maclachlan's living room taps into one of the season's biggest color trends

The actor's green, patterned couch is both a statement piece and a reminder of the natural world within the home, creating a peaceful ambiance

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Looking to make a statement in the living space? Here at H&G, we are big fans of colored couches, and there's one shade in particular that has been sticking out to us lately: green. Seen in stylish interiors of all aesthetics, the green sofa is a surefire way to infuse a room with a pop of color while acting as somewhat of a neutral color.

Kyle Maclachlan, star of films and TV shows such as Twin Peaks, Dune, and Desperate Housewives, is on board the trend, as we can see in one of his TikToks. In the clip, Maclachlan sits on his plaid, green and white sofa, which both contrasts and fits in seamlessly with his eggshell-colored walls and wood cabinets.

Green sofas popping up everywhere is not simply a coincidence. Experts say that in line with the warm weather, many are looking to infuse their homes with a dose of the natural world. Decorating with green is the solution.


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'Tones of lime are popular this summer as people embrace a fresh and uplifting pop of colour to suit the season,' says Button & Sprung co-founder Adam Black. 'As we increasingly look to the natural world to inspire lifestyles which support wellbeing, we are bringing colours into our home which echo nature.'

Green comes in a wide spectrum of shades, from bright grass to deep emeralds (or plaid like the one in Maclachlan's space). However, Black says that a lime green is his pick for the green of the moment.

'Brighter than popular sage and mint but with a warmer undertone, lime is not just for the summer,' Black says. 'Create an enduring interior scheme that can be updated with the seasons; add russet patterned fabrics or pink terracotta hues to introduce an earthy feel for autumn and layer with wool throws and natural materials in neutral tones to give a feeling of warmth in winter.'

We love that Maclachlan's sofa can be accented with warmer or cooler accessories, such as throw pillows and blankets, as the seasons change. This way, it will impress long into 2024 and beyond.

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Below, find some green furnishings that are bound to brighten up any living space for the summer. We particularly love the beautiful green sofa, designed to create a statement in our living room in a Maclachlan-inspired way.

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