In Lana del Rey's kitchen, this underrated ceiling detail yields huge results

Sometimes, it's the smallest interior design choices that make the biggest difference

lana del rey's kitchen
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Warmth in interior design can originate from the most unexpected details. Unique ceiling ideas have been popping up across the home and interior space, and Grammy-winning musician Lana del Rey is the latest adopter.

The Honeymoon singer shared photos in her Los Angeles kitchen. Interior designers couldn't help but notice the stunning paneled ceilings. 

In the post, Lana poses at a round, natural wood table. Behind her, tall, sloping ceilings arch over bold black cabinetry. The ceilings are composed of many horizontal panels with vertical beams stretching across them. A modern light hangs in the middle of the room.

Lana del Rey's innovative kitchen ceiling idea is beloved by home decorators and carpenters alike.

Martin O'Callaghan, a carpenter with interior design expertise, says, 'using paneled ceilings in a modern, monochrome kitchen can help to soften the industrial look.' He continues, 'The unexpected element allows the space to seem warmer and more inviting without taking away from the design of the kitchen itself. It acts more as a frame to make contemporary kitchens seem less severe.' This warmth is definitely evident in Lana del Rey's kitchen, where the paneled ceilings add a softer touch to the darkness of her cabinets. 

Martin O'Callaghan

Martin is a carpenter and interior designer for Munster Hardwood Flooring (MHF) where he has gained extensive experience specializing in floor design. The O'Callahan family has been involved in Ireland's wood floor business in both Cork and Dublin for almost two decades.

'Drawing the eye up, wood-paneled ceilings bring instant warmth, texture and interest to any space, integrating biophilic design to underutilized areas,' says the team at CDA Wood, an Idaho-based manufacturer of sustainable wood products.

Carpenter Martin O'Callaghan adds, 'Adding panels to a ceiling creates an interesting textured feature that can really change the dynamic of a room. Doing something different with ceilings means that there is more attention drawn to it.' 

He specifies, 'This can work particularly well in high-ceiling rooms. The panels help to add a layer of insulation and help with the room’s acoustics, allowing high-ceiling rooms to be cozy while still being spacious.'

The team at CDA Wood concurs, recommending that, 'Exposed decorative beams are another great way to create architectural elements and add dimension to a space, especially in a new build. They can also give the illusion of higher ceilings, bringing a sense of scale, structure, and character.'

Overall, a paneled ceiling can lend a room a warm, stylish feel. Considering ceiling design as you formulate your kitchen ideas is a great way to ensure a welcoming style that maximizes the use of your space.

Sophie Edwards
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