Lenny Kravitz's living room is a maximalist haven full of vintage treasures and quirky curios

Embrace the charm of nostalgic designs and create a timeless home full of heritage treasures

Lenny Kravitz
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American singer-songwriter and actor Lenny Kravitz is known for his quirky style and eccentricity, one which also extends to his New Orleans home. 

Decorated with vintage furniture, seemingly ad hoc furnishings, and a gorgeous dark color scheme, it’s a space that looks more like an Aladin's cave of treasures than a run-of-a-mill home. Unsurprisingly, maximalist decor ideas are back for 2024.  But how simple is this interior design trend to achieve?

Where minimalism champions stripped-back design, the philosophy behind maximalism is that less really isn’t more; in fact, the busier the better. The aesthetic of excess, maximalism has found favour among interior brands and designers in recent times, but the principle is nothing new.

If you want to express your personality in your home, maximalist decor is the way to do just that. With clashing patterns, riotous color palettes, and impressive (and enormous) collections of objects, this decor trend is having its well-deserved moment in the spotlight. 

Maximalist design has been a part of the world for centuries, and for a good reason, but how it has manifested in our homes has evolved into 'curated chaos' as we like to call it at Homes & Gardens. With proper curation, maximalist decor ideas are easy to achieve in the home. 

'There are no rules to pattern mixing – the more eclectic the collection, the more interesting and fabulous it will be,' says Anna Spiro, interior designer. 'Select a range of different textiles, patterns and colors. Put into the mix, for instance, a large floral fabric, a small floral, a stripe and a geometric textile or two.'

Ann Grafton, creative and managing director, of GP&J Baker says layerism is the new way to do maximalism for the year ahead.

'Layering pattern on pattern creates a rich, maximalist look. Maximalism tends to be most successful when the patterns used share a color palette. Try using several designs in a similar tone but vary the scales of the patterns by combining large statement prints with smaller block prints, to create a layered scheme.'

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Vintage Living: Creating a Beautiful Home with Treasured Objects from the Past | $32.27 at Amazon

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Finally, while 'more might be more', the current trend for maximalism doesn’t equal mess. Think of your space, similarly to Lenny Kravitz's home above, as a carefully curated Aladdin’s cave of treasures, with each item on display even more fascinating than the last. 

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