Liv Tyler ensures her living room adapts to all seasons by adopting this sunny, versatile design trend

The actress taps into the ever-popular coastal decor movement in her sitting room, utilizing imagery, colors, and fabrics that are reminiscent of time spent by the sea

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Coastal decor naturally reaches its prime in summer, when many of us covet beach vacations and sunny weekend getaways. However, we believe that this style is versatile enough to survive, and even thrive through all four seasons (it's particularly beneficial for those of us living in colder climates as we dream of future beach days).

Actress Liv Tyler is a proponent of the coastal vignette in her own home, and her living room is proof that the aquatic aesthetic can outlast summertime. Her space features a wood shelf adorned with a ceramic jug sitting a top of books, a painting of a wave-bound surfer, and a photo of a seaside scene. The white sofa contributes to the airy and natural environment, coordinating with the white-painted walls. In short, it's coastal vignette perfection.

Just as we would feel relaxed and calm on a beach vacation, coastal decor is meant to mimic the peaceful nature of being by the water. According to experts, Tyler has executed this sensation to a tee in her home.

'Liv Tyler’s living room beautifully balances simplicity and elegance,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'The use of neutral tones, natural materials, and coastal-inspired decor creates a soothing environment that feels both sophisticated and welcoming. The careful placement of each item on the shelf above the armchair demonstrates an eye for detail and an appreciation for the serene beauty of coastal landscapes. The addition of books enhances the cozy, lived-in feel of the space, inviting relaxation and quiet moments.'

Inspired to recreate the look? Lichtenstein recommends beginning with color and natural materials as a base for the coastal decor trend.

'Start with a neutral color palette dominated by whites, grays, and beiges,' she suggests. 'These colors mimic the natural tones of sandy beaches and cloudy skies, providing a calm and cohesive backdrop for your coastal decor. Incorporate natural materials such as wood, rattan, and stone. In Liv Tyler’s living room, the wooden shelf and natural branch add an organic touch that enhances the coastal vibe.'

A coastal living room with wicker furniture, large windows and a vintage couch

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As we can see in Tyler's space, art and pictures are also a crucial element of coastal decor, as they provide visuals that are reminiscent of being by the water.

'Select artwork and photographs that depict coastal scenes,' Lichtenstein says. 'A painting of a surfer or a framed photo of a seaside destination can instantly transport you to the beach and add a personal touch to your space.'

She continues, 'Add cozy textiles like soft throw blankets and cushions. These not only enhance comfort but also contribute to the layered, inviting feel of a coastal retreat.'

Finally, placement and styling of living room items and furniture is imperative to its coastal cohesion. As Lichtenstein explains, the trend favors curation rather than clutter.

'Choose a few statement pieces that evoke the coastal theme without overwhelming the room,' she says. 'A well-chosen piece of pottery or a decorative branch can make a significant impact. Arrange your decor thoughtfully to create a balanced and harmonious look,' she states. 'The shelf in Liv Tyler’s living room is a perfect example, with each item carefully placed to create visual interest without clutter. The inclusion of books adds a personal touch, making the space feel more intimate and inviting.'

In short, coastal decor is a highly adaptable design trend. We recommend sourcing colors and fabrics that evoke a calming ambiance, such as whites, greiges, and blues, along with linens and woods, which are reminiscent of the natural world. Remember that quality is superior to quantity when decorating with coastal-inspired items; less is more.

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