Country musician Luke Bryan exhibits an organic twist on the modern farmhouse trend in his living room

Modern farmhouse style combines countryside charm with a contemporary aesthetic that will impress for future seasons

Luke Bryan
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The charm of a country home has infiltrated zones well beyond the countryside itself. Rustic elements have made their way into even the most urban-located houses, desired for their ability to make a space feel comforting, cozy, and chic.

For some, however, the rustic roots run deep. Georgia-born, Tennessee-based country musician and American Idol judge Luke Bryan posted a video in his living room, and the countryside influence is palpable. From the wood-beamed ceilings to the antique French-style white TV stand, the textural details and neutral colors combine serendipitously to evoke the modern farmhouse aesthetic. 

Whether based in a rural area or in the heart of a major metropolis, the modern farmhouse trend is the ideal blend for those looking to incorporate homely features whilst maintaining an air of sophistication and elegance. Experts recommend beginning design plans with the classic base: color.

'To achieve the modern farmhouse aesthetic, you'll want to blend rustic charm with contemporary design elements,' says Irene Tarroza, writer and editor at Archic Furniture. 'Start with a neutral color palette as a base, often centered around white or light gray. White paint on wood is a key feature, so consider refinishing or distressing wooden furniture or walls to create a timeless farmhouse look.'

A key factor in facilitating a modern farmhouse space is creating dimension through patterns and texture, Tarroza says.

'Incorporate tartan prints and furnishings strategically; think plaid throw pillows, blankets, or curtains, as they can add warmth and a touch of tradition,' she suggests. 'Don't forget natural materials like reclaimed wood, stone, and metal, which add an authentic farmhouse feel.' 

Irene Tarroza

Irene Tarroza is a writer and editor for Archic Furniture, an online home goods store.

A natural living room with a reclaimed wood table

An organic-modern farmhouse living space similar to Luke Bryan's.

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Accessories are also crucial in facilitating farmhouse aesthetics: think mason jars and white crockery, all on display via open shelving units to tap into an open space. However, Tarroza recommends looking at pieces of yore to infuse personality into a modern farmhouse home.

'Incorporate vintage or repurposed pieces for character and balance the design with clean lines and minimalism for a modern twist on the classic farmhouse style,' she suggests. We also recommend incorporating organic modern elements, including (yet more) reclaimed wood, some carefully curated houseplants, and, of course, plenty of the aforementioned neutrals. 

In Bryan's case, he has opted for cream-colored paint and curtains, but any subtle hue, including beige and all shades of white, will create a similar effect.  

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