This is the blender-juicer hybrid that Martha Stewart swears by to make her daily green juice – and it's reduced for Memorial Day

Martha Stewart's morning routine consists of a healthy, green juice concoction made in her space-saving Breville Bluicer Pro

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If Martha Stewart approves an appliance, we are inclined to add it to our shopping carts. And after seeing the domestic dynamo making a beautiful green juice, we might just have to get a juicer ourselves. Lucky for us, we know exactly what model and make the home expert owns.

On her Instagram page, Martha Stewart demonstrated a step-by-step guide on how to make her staple, healthy morning beverage, and it's all done with a Breville 3X Bluicer Pro.

In the video, Stewart states that she is ritualistic about the fresh juice, drinking it every single day. As such, she is just as serious about the appliance she uses.

'You have to have a really good juicer,” she says in the video. 'I prefer this Breville; it really works extremely well. It’s worth the investment.'

While the Breville Bluicer Pro typically retails for $399.95, it is currently on Memorial Day sale for 20 percent off on Amazon, at $319.95 – a steal considering all the appliance's capabilities.

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The appliance is a two-in-one blender and juicer (hence the "bluicer" title), allowing for users to make juices, smoothies, cocktails, and more. Some of the highlights include the 10 speeds, five one-touch programs, and Cold Spin Technology for the freshest and smoothest beverages possible.

As evidenced in the video, the Breville has a green juice function, which is optimal for juicing greens such as celery, cucumbers, and herbs.

'Be sure you have a pitcher under the spout,' Stewart states, demonstrating how efficiently she juices her greenhouse-grown celery.

Short on kitchen countertop space? Another key feature of the Breville is its compact size. Due to its multi-purpose capabilities, the device saves space already, and this is heightened with a design that has the pulp bin located behind the brushed stainless steel base.

For those who find cleaning appliances a drag (and who doesn't, really?), the Breville also features a self-cleaning function, making it all the easier to blend juices and smoothies without hand washing every single time. And, with such a great offer, how can we refuse? Act quickly, and happy shopping!

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