Martha Stewart's kitchen storage doubles as farmhouse-chic decor – adding a 'charming aesthetic' to her space

The lifestyle guru utilizes clear, glass storage jars for kitchen ingredients, which experts believe can be just as practical as it is stylish

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Kitchen organization is a fine art. Naturally, Martha Stewart is an expert in the field, having spent much of her career exploring domestic crafts and hobbies, from cooking to keeping a home.

It's no surprise, then, that when Stewart recently shared a video in her farmhouse kitchen, our eyes were immediately drawn to her wide shelf of glass jars. The storage containers not only hold ingredients like spices and flour conveniently above the stove, but they also act as decor in their own right – a timeless kitchen storage trend.

The first step to decorating with storage-smart pieces is determining what kinds of objects will fit into an existing aesthetic.

'In terms of kitchen decor, storage isn't just about functionality—it's an opportunity to elevate your space with style,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'Glass jars, such as mason jars and sleek canisters, offer a dual purpose: they keep your ingredients fresh and organized while adding a charming aesthetic to your cooking space.'

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Lichtenstein says clear glass jars are the most versatile; mason jars with rustic lids evoke a farmhouse style, while sleek canisters suit modern homes.

To keep these displays looking balanced, Lichtenstein recommends mixing and matching different containers.

'Vary the sizes and shapes of your glass jars to create visual interest,' the designer states. 'Arrange them in clusters or line them up neatly on open shelves, countertops, or inside cabinets. Mixing different heights and textures adds dimension to your kitchen decor.'

The beauty of working with clear storage jars in the kitchen is that their containments can act as decor, too.

'Take advantage of transparent glass by displaying colorful ingredients like beans, lentils, colorful pasta, or spices,' Lichtenstein says. 'This not only adds a pop of color to your kitchen but also celebrates the beauty of your culinary essentials.'

Finally, placement is crucial to achieving a look that is curated rather than cluttered. Open shelving like Stewart's allows the storage jars to take centre stage, and as such is a great option for display. However, there are some alternative spaces that can serve as great spots for jars (and also happen to be convenient).

Arrange a few jars near your cooking area for easy access to frequently used ingredients,' Lichtenstein suggests. 'Or, use glass jars to decorate your kitchen island or bar cart, creating a stylish focal point.'

Below, find a selection of storage jars that are bound to suit any kitchen style.

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