Martha Stewart's innovative kitchen layout maximizes space for cooking and entertaining – here's how to recreate her brilliant concept

Martha's kitchen includes four ovens, two sinks, two islands, and more

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When designed correctly, a kitchen can be one of the best multi-purpose spaces in the home. While the primary function of a kitchen is to have a space to cook in, the properly designed kitchen becomes a beloved social hub for family and friends to gather. Unsurprisingly, Martha Stewart has figured out the perfect formula for a multi-purpose kitchen, and we were lucky enough to hear all about it.

Martha told H&G exclusively about her kitchen idea, and it's just as innovative as you'd guess. First, she has an extremely large kitchen: it was originally 5 rooms that she combined into one. She also has two sinks: one for washing pots and pans and one for washing china and glassware. 

Martha went on about her kitchen layout to describe the appliances. She said: 'There's a big bank of stoves behind the sinks that have the ovens. She added, 'I have four ovens, big ovens, I can put sheet pans in. Two of them are convection and two of them are regular. I have a stove with 10 burners.' Martha continued, 'I have a salamander grill that's open air and it's really fabulous. It's great for toasting, it's great for broiling. Steaks cook perfectly in it.'

The cooking show host's coffee station puts the final touch on her professional-level chef's appliances. Martha stated, 'On the other wall, we have a big cappuccino machine. That's where I would use a teapot. It has a hot water dispenser.

Beyond the elite cooking setup, Martha's multiple kitchen islands are one of the best features of her kitchen layout. She stated: 'I have a big island facing the stove bank and the island is very, very well designed. So on one side facing the stoves, are all the pots and pans and everything I need for cooking, including drawers with knives and drawers with utensils. The top of the counter is marble, but I have big white cutting boards on top of the marble so I don't cut on the marble.'

The second island in Martha's kitchen is largely social. She said: 'Then I have another island where we all sit for breakfast or cappuccinos or whatever. That I can put about 12 people around when my grandchildren are visiting. That's where we all sit with the nannies and the grandchildren and their friends. They love eating in the kitchen.'

Whether your kitchen is the size of five rooms or just one, conceptualizing the layout around using the space effectively is an easy way to improve your experience in your home.

We interviewed Martha as part of her Don't Do It Yourself Campaign with Pure Leaf Tea.

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