Celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard shares this unmissable maximalist approach to creating a gallery wall

Los Angeles-based interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard ignores any rules when it comes to creating a gallery wall

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Esteemed interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard has imparted his expert knowledge about how to create the perfect gallery wall

Known for his eclectic design style, Bullard has designed spaces for a number of A-list celebrities, including Kylie Jenner’s Barbie-pink glam room and Winnie Harlow’s sophisticated Los Angeles home

Taking to Instagram, Bullard shared an informative video filled with his top tips on how to upgrade your home with a gallery wall.

Ideal for bringing personality and sentimental value into a home, gallery walls have remained a constant in the world of interior design, across many different design styles. Whilst they can be known for attracting hard and fast rules relating to frames, color, and theme, Bullard offers a more relaxed approach, inspiring individuality and creativity to take the lead. 

‘Everybody wants to know how to make a gallery wall,’ Bullad begins. Describing his own gallery wall pictured in the shot, he emphasizes his non-conformist approach which is a vibrant mix of varying sizes of photographs, an oil painting, and a mirror which he claims brings ‘added design quality’ to the wall. 

‘Don’t be scared to mix it up,’ he goes on to explain. ‘Don’t be scared to mix colors of frames, styles of images, just things you love. If you love it, it's going to look amazing.’

Alex Liepman, founder of contemporary art store Drool also champions Bullard’s creative approach: ‘The beauty of designing a gallery wall is that you can get super creative and add a ton of visual interest to a space. It’s the perfect opportunity to mix things up and incorporate some of your style and personality. An art wall that sticks to one style of artwork can be very predictable, so diversity is your friend.’ 

Alex Liepman

Alex is the founder of DROOL, a contemporary art and print store that helps customers to fill their homes with unique art pieces. 

‘In addition to art, consider incorporating other elements like mirrors, wall sculptures, or decorative objects to add depth and texture to your gallery wall,’ says Ginger Curtis, CEO and founder at Dallas-based Urbanology Designs. ‘Experiment with different themes, mixing vintage and modern pieces or even adding personal photographs to create a truly unique and meaningful display.’ 

If going bold with color and a mismatched look is too maximalist for you, then you can always opt for a more minimalist style instead. ‘For a clean, minimal look, choose prints with a larger area of white or “negative” space,’ Liepman advises. 

Ginger Curtis

Ginger is the founder and CEO at Urbanology Designs, a design firm creating relaxed and modern interiors, with a focus on comfort and character. 

We’re certainly feeling inspired by Bullard’s wall decor ideas, and have rounded up some key pieces for you to shop below to help you recreate a gallery wall in your own home.  

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