Melissa McCarthy's kitchen color is a masterclass in timeless design – her simple and classic scheme will never date

A traditional color scheme shines in the comedian's kitchen – and designers say her style will be just as on-trend in 100 years

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No matter the year, a white kitchen will always be a popular look. The clean, bright look has glowing effects on any space, but it turned out especially beautiful in Melissa McCarthy's home.

The actress and comedian's kitchen idea is an ode to timeless white design. White subway tiles with dark grout decorate the walls while slabs of white and gray marble form the countertop. McCarthy's space rejects minimalism and her countertops are adorned with decorative objects and fruit. Open-concept shelving stores her white crockery and cookware. 

McCarthy's mix of textures, shapes, and decor is a masterclass in making a white kitchen interesting and timeless. Though she posted the video of her kitchen in 2020, it looks just as current as if it were built yesterday.

First, design experts love the comedian's choice of materials. Both marble and subway tiles are classic looks that designers swear by. 'The combination of marble kitchen counters and subway tile walls works so well because of the conversation between them,' says Jennifer Ebert, color expert and digital editor at Homes and Gardens. She continues, 'Melissa McCarthy's white and gray marble gives her kitchen a classic, luxurious and opulent feel, while the subway tiles are more casual and grounding.' 

Ebert adds: 'The contrast in finishes between the two materials also helps to create visual interest in McCarthy's space. The tiles are more glossy, while the countertops are more matte. Though both of them are about the same color of white, this difference in surface feel helps to differentiate them from one another.'

A white kitchen with an island and shelving

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Experts also love how McCarthy uses open shelving for kitchen storage. 'Open shelving in kitchen design is a popular trend that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal,' says Nina Lichtenstein, Westchester-based interior designer. She continues, 'Open shelving offers several advantages that make it a desirable choice for modern kitchens. First and foremost, open shelves create a sense of openness and spaciousness, making small kitchens appear larger and more inviting. They also provide easy access to frequently used items, allowing for efficient organization and convenience during meal preparation.'

Nina Lichtenstein
Nina Lichtenstein

Nina Lichtenstein is the founder and principal home designer at her eponymous design studio, based in Westchester, NY. Nina believes that home design should capture a family’s unique spirit by how it serves the family's daily needs while nourishing the soul. She has been celebrated for designing, renovating, and building elegant living spaces. 

Lichtenstein continues, 'Additionally, open shelving encourages creativity in kitchen decor, as it allows homeowners to showcase decorative pieces, dishware, and greenery that add personality and charm to the space. From a practical standpoint, open shelves are easier to install and maintain compared to traditional cabinets, making them a cost-effective and stylish storage solution.'

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In Melissa McCarthy's kitchen, the white color scheme will never date. Through a careful combination of textures and decor, it's easy to recreate her beautiful look.

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