Michelle Pfieffer's planting technique is a popular and effective method for maximizing growing space

Container gardening is the star of Michelle Pfieffer's backyard – an expert explains how to recreate it

Michelle Pfeiffer
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When Michelle Pfieffer took to Instagram to share an adorable video of her dog and cat playing, we couldn't help but notice their playground: Pfieffer's patio.

The actress's backyard is very landscaped; from the large stone patio to the dark green grass, there isn't much space for gardening beds. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't have a garden. In the space where her pets are running around, we can see that Pfieffer has an abundance of succulents and cacti in pots on the porch. It's a beloved gardening trend.

'Michelle Pfeiffer has tapped into one of the most popular container gardening ideas by growing cacti and succulents in a selection of pots displayed on her backyard steps,' says Thomas Rutter, master gardener and content editor at Homes & Gardens.

Rutter continues, 'As more and more gardeners seek to maximize their growing space, adding pots and containers in different shapes and sizes is a great way to grow as many interesting and attractive plants as possible. 

thomas rutter content editor at Homes & Gardens
Thom Rutter

Thomas is a Content Editor within the Gardens Team at Homes and Gardens. He has been working as a gardener and garden writer for several years. Whilst completing his Horticultural Traineeship at the Garden Museum, London, he was able to gain experience at many of the UK's world-famous gardens, including Sissinghurst, Lowther Castle, and Iford Manor. Following this, he worked for two private estates in Tuscany, Italy.

This planting technique is especially effective in certain climates. Rutter says: 'For those gardeners living in warmer US hardiness zones, such as in Texas, Florida and California, growing succulents in containers is a great option to add interest and greenery to your outside space, whether you have a large yard, small terrace, or even a balcony.'

He continues, 'In these warmer zones, you will be able to grow succulents such as agave or sedums outdoors year-round. In cooler zones, however, growing succulents in containers can offer flexibility, allowing gardeners to move pots indoors for winter, and bring them back outside for spring and summer once there is no longer a risk of frost.'

succulents planted around front door in Altadena CA

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For readers hoping to recreate the look, Rutter advises: These plants need warmth, sunshine, and a free-draining soil that is suitable for cacti and succulents, available from Walmart. Water your plants every week, but always check the soil to assess if watering is necessary. If the soil feels damp, you may have a drainage problem.'

'One of the most popular succulents to grow is burro's tail, Sedum morganianum, available from Walmart,' He adds. 'This creeping succulent will provide year-round interest, with tail-like stems creating a unique effect in any pot display.'

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If you love gardening, but don't have the space, this kind of container planting is a great option. Choose small succulents and cacti for a Michelle-Pfieffer-approved look.

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