Nancy Meyers's classic living room features an age-old color combination that will never date

Immerse yourself in the serenity of the seaside with a classic and everlasting blue-and-white scheme

Nancy Meyers
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American filmmaker Nancy Meyers might be best known for the many critically acclaimed movies she has written, produced, and directed. From Father of the Bride, and The Parent Trap to What Women Want and The Holiday, Meyers is a true talent. Still, it's her iconic classic, elegant interior aesthetic that has captured our attention.

Similarly to her film sets, Meyers's home takes on the beloved picture-perfect neutral living room color palette that has become synonymous with a Nancy Meyers movie. Loved by homeowners and interior designers alike, blue and white (cream works just as well) is a timeless pairing for room schemes that is wonderfully versatile. Far from being two-dimensional, decorating with blue and white can be used to achieve all sorts of looks, from smart and sophisticated to subtle and serene, depending on the shades you use and the proportions in which they are incorporated.

Synonymous with the sea and sky, blues are often linked to coastal style and are a go-to for breathing freshness and calm into the home. ‘Blue and white decor creates a tranquil atmosphere,’ says Debbie Leigh, design manager of fabric brand Iliv. ‘Blue is often associated with feelings of serenity and relaxation, while white helps make a room feel airy and spacious. Used together, these colors create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.’

While it is prized for its soothing qualities, with a spectrum stretching from the palest hues to deep indigo, blue also has the power to make a strong impact, and when teamed with the countless varieties of white it offers endless possibilities for decorating. 

‘Understated and timeless, blue and white is a pairing that works time and time again,’ says Teresa Buck, head of brand creative at The Cotswold Company. ‘Create a laid-back, coastal feel, similarly to Nancy Meyers, with powdery shades and warmer whites, or go for a bold and elegant look by contrasting navy with crisp natural tones.’

There are lots of ways to incorporate this enduring color combination into your home. When selecting paint shades, consider the orientation, of the room, suggests Simon Temprell, interior design manager at Neptune. ‘Blue and white has been a classic combination forever as it is clean, crisp, and uplifting, especially in south-facing rooms. In a north-facing room, you might need to use a warmer white to offset the chill,’ he explains.

It is also worth thinking about the function of the room and the style of the property, he adds. ‘Obvious nautical connections make this a traditional palette for seaside homes, especially when you use mid-tone blues. If you introduce navy, it will add a serious note that would work well in a townhouse. Living rooms often benefit from this cheerful combination as it is calm and fresh.’

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