Patrick Mahomes 'futureproofed' his kitchen with clever color choices – say designers

The modern hue 'retains an aspect of class and simplicity', and it allows the Mahomes' kitchen to impress long beyond 2024

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes
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It's no secret that renovating a kitchen is among the most expensive and time-consuming jobs we can undertake in our homes, so it's only natural to want our decor choices to stand the test of time. This is where Patrick Mahomes's 'futureproof' color choices come into play. 

The football quarterback's neutral kitchen, exhibiting off-white cabinets, a textured island, and a backsplash, may be one of the safest kitchen color choices we can make –  but it's also the most timeless. 

Decorating with neutrals is a technique that will forever transcend 'trends,' but that hasn't stopped experts from labeling white and beige as hues that will shape how we decorate in 2024. And Patrick Mahomes's kitchen is the perfect starting point.

'Selecting a color for your kitchen cabinetry can be daunting, especially since it will likely be part of the home for several years. When aiming to create a kitchen that feels timeless, it is important to find a balance between a hue that feels modern yet retains an aspect of class and simplicity,' says Sinead Trainor, the kitchen category manager at LochAnna Kitchens, in her decision of how we can 'future proof' our kitchens.

'Neutrals such as off-whites, pebble greys, and soft beiges are excellent for achieving this effect.'

Sinead Trainor

Sinead is the kitchen category manager at LochAnna Kitchens – a manufacturer that specializes in a range of styles (including handleless cabinets like Jennifer's.) They specialize in modern and European looks, working with the highest quality lacquered Italian painted timbers from the UK. 

When it comes to selecting the right neutral, we all inevitably have our own preferences. However, as Sinead explains, a good rule of thumb when decorating with neutrals is to avoid overusing stark, bright whites 'as they can bring a cold, clinical feeling to the space.' 

Alternatively, we should try and steer clear of using overly warm neutrals, as these can make the space feel 'confined and dated.'

Beige painted kitchen with natural walls

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As mentioned, these tones have a timeless quality, but their ability to impress through the centuries doesn't make them any less fashionable for the year ahead. Patrick's home 

However, as William Durrant, the owner of Herringbone, explains, their texture makes these cabinets even trendier. Patrick Mahomes' kitchen uses veined marble and matte cabinetry to add interest to the neutral space, but various textures will top kitchen trends in the year ahead.

'Reeded cabinetry, textured glass, and all kinds of vertical textures is a beautiful design element for 2024,' he says.

'Not only does it make your cabinets, dressers, or bars stand out, but it also adds texture to the kitchen and cabinets while hiding the potential mess inside the cupboards.'

Kitchen Designer
William Durrant
Kitchen Designer
William Durrant

William Durrant has worked in the kitchen industry for almost a decade. After learning from powerful kitchen brands, he had a desire to manage all aspects of the design project, so he founded Herringbone Kitchens. He now owns the UK-based kitchen company, where he manages a talented creative team and creates kitchens while observing international design trends. 

Patrick's kitchen uses a timeless color scheme that will cope with the ever-changing interior design trends. A neutral base is ideal for adding in accent colors or textures or making small switches like tiling or hardware. If you want to ensure your kitchen design will last for decades, take note

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