F1 driver Pierre Gasly's kitchen showcases refined French elegance to perfection, and it is surprisingly simple to achieve

Minimalist design does not have to be stark or sterile. Here's how Pierre Gasly created the perfect pared-back scheme

Pierre Gasly
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A beautiful kitchen might seem like a complicated affair, but if you narrow it down to just a few essentials – failsafe kitchen color scheme, long-lasting materials and timeless kitchen cabinet ideas – then you're already on your way to crafting a dream kitchen that embodies 'quiet luxury' in the same way F1 race driver Pierre Gasly has done. 

We spoke to the experts to find out how you too can achieve a contemporary, modern kitchen that is not only made to last but will also bring you hours of joy.

1. Classic color scheme

As anyone who has been through the process of searching for kitchen cabinet colors will attest, choosing the right color for kitchen cabinets and walls can be a minefield with endless choices and subtle nuances to understand and overcome. But if you're looking for a color that is classic, timeless, and will never date, you can't go far wrong with white. 

White kitchens are the most requested kitchen color bar none. If your goal is to create a 'wow' kitchen, but you want to maintain a 'quiet luxury' style in your home, then white kitchen cabinets are an extremely tranquil and liveable option.

With matte or gloss finishes on offer, whites can look strikingly different, and there’s huge variety in its shades from the crispest of pure whites to those with subtle warm or cool undertones. White is also the perfect partner to other colors and materials, whether used as major elements or accents.

2. Luxury surface materials

Today’s designers are proving the versatility of decorating with marble – using them in unexpected ways with stunning results, similar to Pierre Gasly's luxury kitchen.

Marble comes in a myriad of different colors from brown and grey to green and violet. When choosing a type of marble or stone, try and pick out one of the colors and link them into the wider scheme for the room. The result will look collected and considered without falling into the category of being too matchy-matchy. 

Marble is more versatile than many people realize, believe Angus and Charlotte Buchanan of Buchanan Studio. ‘We love to use it to elevate details and touchpoints around the kitchen such as on a kitchen backsplash, shelf, or countertop,’ they say. 

Minimalist kitchen ideas with white cabinetry and wood floor

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3. Unfussy kitchen cabinetry

The minimalist kitchen aesthetic has been around for a while, but invisible kitchens take this one step further, with the aim to conceal as much of your kitchenware as possible to create a sleek and streamlined, ‘barely there’ finish.

Simple, handleless kitchen cabinet ideas are everywhere on social media and when it comes to interior design and kitchen styling, less can often mean more.

Modern kitchen ideas are becoming more obviously functional – with little or no decorative detailing,' says Keith Atkins, Design Space London. Instead, their style derives from simple, architectural lines, the sheer quality of the engineering, and the materials used.’ 

Minimalist decor, luxury materials and white kitchens go hand-in-hand, so it pays to keep your color choices simple, understated and fuss-free. 

There’s nothing cleaner or crisper than a refined white, minimal kitchen; whether that’s a modern kitchen design or a cozy country scheme, it’s a look that lasts, no matter what the latest kitchen trend may be. If you’re minimalist at heart and love clutter-free kitchen ideas then this is the look for you.

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