Catherine, Princess of Wales's kitchen cabinet color will be a popular choice in 2024, experts say

The Prince and Princess of Wales opted for 'the most relaxed and elegant palette' available – but its benefits are more than aesthetic

Kate Middleton
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Choosing a kitchen color palette that's as therapeutic as it is good-looking is no easy feat, but one option consistently fits the bill, and it happens to come with royal approval. 

In 2022 (as a mark of the late Queen's Platinum Jubilee), William, the Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, offered a glimpse into their farmhouse kitchen, and their color choices remain just as timeless, nearly two years on. The cabinet color in question – an off-white/ cream hue – is an eternally stylish, versatile choice, but there's more to this hue than its functionality. Color expert Marianne Shillingford explains that William and Kate's space showcases a key theme: calmness – made possible by their cabinet paint choices. And we can replicate the benefits of a white kitchen far beyond this royal residence

'The kitchen is the beating heart of any family home, so staying cool, calm, and collected under the pressure of cooking for a young family can be pretty hard. Kate knows a thing or two about making people feel comfortable and at ease, so it’s no surprise she uses the most relaxed and elegant palette of cream combined with subtle off-whites in her kitchen,' Shillingford says.

The Prince and Princess have opted for (what appears to be) two shades of cream in their farmhouse kitchen. The first, on their wall, appears to exude a warmer glow, while their cabinets are slightly cooler. 

'By delicately balancing cool and warm tones for different areas, you can take the heat out of even the most frantic mealtimes. Use the warmer shades in places where you sit and relax with cooler [tones] in the cooking space.'

White kitchen

White cabinets similar to those in the Prince and Princess of Wales's space.

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Plus, while the cabinet color is a reason in itself to take note, the Prince and Princess' contrasting dark countertops are also worth celebrating. 

'Dark countertops are a rising trend in kitchen design. Contrary to what people often think, black or dark kitchens aren’t always somber or austere,' comments Caesarstone’s Head of Design, Mor Krisher. And, naturally, the family's color combination masters this look seamlessly. 

'Dark colors can be bold and dramatic or warm and cosseting. I’m a big fan of dark countertops paired with natural woods like oak or pale cabinetry and metallic accents like brass, copper, or steel taps and handles,' Krisher says.

'Pairing a dark surface with light cabinetry and flooring will help to keep the space feeling open and neutral. This is especially beneficial if you want to create a cozy atmosphere, but your kitchen isn’t vast in size.'

Mor Krisher

Mor is head of design at Caesarstone – a global leader in premium surfaces specializing in worktops that create dynamic and inspiring spaces around the home. The brand, aims to deliver timeless beauty with functional resilience, designing surfaces for a vast range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Colors aside, we can tap into the Prince and Princess of Wales's kitchen with this stand mixer, seen in their space, below.

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