Ray Romano's 'quiet luxury' bedroom is one of the best examples of a space designed for 'deep sleep' we've seen in 2024

Quiet your mind with these expert-approved 'palette cleanser' decorating recommendations for your sleep space

Ray Romano
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When embarking on a bedroom redesign, the priority is to create a space that evokes peace and serenity. The scheme should feel harmonious and uncluttered, giving you the space to truly relax. This is the exact philosophy that Emmy-winning actor, writer, and producer Ray Romano and his wife, Anna, have introduced to their main bedroom in La Quinta, California. 

Designed by Nate Berkus, the 'quiet luxury' bedroom perfectly encapsulates the calm fortitude that the Romanos wanted to create in their family home. Here's how they designed a space that would allow them to sleep better.

Bedrooms are deeply personal spaces and should be decorated accordingly, believes Farrow & Ball’s color curator Joa Studholme. For a relaxing bedroom, used purely for sleeping, serene colors will induce a good night’s rest and a sense of calm. Your chosen bedroom colors ideas will play a fundamental role in how your space not only looks, but also how it feels. 

Quite luxury colors – inspired by the natural world – have an intrinsic calming influence, provoking a similar response to that from gazing out upon a beautiful country or seascape. The power of a neutral color palette to add warmth and elegance to a modern bedroom should not be underestimated. A soft scheme of harmonious neutrals creates a reflective backdrop to the ever-changing light of the seasons. 

A bedroom designed for sleep should not only look elegant, but it should serve the purpose of providing a sanctuary for relaxation and rest, says interior designer, Tamsin Johnson.

'I try not to make a bedroom feel too detailed or ornamented, so the mind can rest, too. I’d usually opt for neutral walls, but the severity of white walls might be avoided for example, depending on the house.'

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Another way to make your bedroom more relaxing is to avoid unnecessary tech. When it comes to tech, there is near universal agreement about the damage of screens on sleep. Bedrooms should be screen-free zones, believes Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company. 

‘I try to be screen free for at least an hour – preferably two – before bed. If I look at Instagram, or watch TV in bed, I don’t sleep well. If I have a warm bath and read in bed for 20 minutes, I sleep really well.'

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