Russell Wilson and Ciara reinvent the 'bookshelf wealth' trend with a modern twist

The football quarterback and hip-hop artist gave 2024's most intimate trend a new look – complete with bright colors and expert-approved clean lines

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'Bookshelf wealth' has been one of the most discussed interior design trends since early 2024. The look champions maximalist bookshelves, packed to the brim with personal effects and books read over a lifetime. It favors personal style over fads, meaning the 'trend' looks different for everyone. 

Russell Wilson and Ciara's home showcases one example of what bookshelf wealth can look like in a contemporary home.

An Instagram video taken in the couple's living room showcases their unique take on the design trend. Ciara and Russell's built-in shelves are painted a trendy, charcoal black. On the shelves, books are arranged haphazardly by color. White and gold sculptures break it up. Rather than displaying a collection of antiques, this decor turns bookshelf wealth into a cozy, contemporary look.

'Russell Wilson and Ciara's bookshelf organization takes what is special about this trend, creating a lived-in feel in your home, and makes it fit with the contemporary style of their home,' says Jennifer Ebert, Digital Editor at Homes & Gardens. She continues, 'The combination of dark shelves with brightly colored books is quite modern styling.' Though curating a bookshelf wealth look rather than building it over time can be controversial, it makes the most sense in more contemporary, minimalist homes like this one.

Jennifer Ebert
Jennifer Ebert

Jen is the Editor (Digital) of Homes & Gardens. Before starting this position, she had completed various interior design courses at KLC Design School, as well as working across Ideal Home, LivingEtc, 25 Beautiful Homes and Country Homes & Interiors as an interiors writer.

Furthermore, the way that Russell and Ciara have chosen to arrange their books creates a beautiful focal point in their living room.

'These books are arranged by color, and while this leans towards neurotic, the way they are casually arranged - with some upright, some on their side, and some haphazardly leaning - it realigns the shelves with reality,' says designer Heather Knight-Wilcock.

'There is a nice mix of books and objects that play off of each other in a visually pleasing way.'

heather knight willcock on a plain background
Heather Knight-Wilcock

Heather's refined and approachable style has earned her a reputation for creating  inspiring residential and commercial spaces. Her education in both fine art and design contribute to her ability to create high-end spaces based on clients' needs. Heather's design firm, HKW Styles, is based in Southern California.

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If you're considering following the bookshelf wealth style in your own home, Ciara and Russell's version of the look is a reminder to consider replicating the trend in a way that complements your home, and fits into your own version of chicness.

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