Salma Hayek's velvet sofa exhibits a warming hue with benefits beyond its aesthetic

This tone has its good looking qualities, but the actress's choice can benefit our mind and body, too

Salma Hayek
(Image credit: Mike Coppola via Getty Images)

Winter blues are no match for colorful decor, and the color blue itself can be an excellent mood booster in the home. Just ask Salma Hayek, who is an ambassador of blue via a statement furniture piece.

The Mexican-American star of films such as Frida and From Dusk Till Dawn shared a photo of herself lying on a lush, blue velvet couch, which stands out in contrast to classic wood floors, white walls, and plenty of green house plants.

Not only is blue visually pleasing and highly compatible with pretty much all neutrals, but it's something of a supercolor; it actually works wonders for our minds and bodies, too, as experts explain. 

Studies show that any blue bedroom color promotes relaxation, calms the nervous system, and supports a tranquil atmosphere,' author and wellness expert Mar De Carlo explains. 'When our eye registers blue, it causes the hypothalamus to produce more melatonin and the adrenal glands to reduce cortisol.'

With a sea of shades to choose from, Mar recommends being strategic about the mood you want to evoke and the room you want to decorate. For example, bedrooms are naturally places of rest, so a calming blue hue is highly suitable for that space. Meanwhile, darker shades can work well in a moody living room.

'While a darker blue can work well for a bedroom color, it is more intense than a lighter shade and may encourage reflection,' he explains. 'While not stimulating, reflection can in and of itself become a distraction. However, a softer, lighter shade of blue seems to have the best effect because it mimics a soothing daytime sky or the calming waters of a peaceful tropical ocean.'

Mar even handpicked the perfect blue to fall asleep to, and we have to say: it's a winner.

'If I had to choose just one, it would be Resolute Blue [by Sherwin Williams] because I feel it beautifully falls right in the middle of the blue shade spectrum—not too light or too dark,' he says.

Below, find a round-up of some essential blue decor pieces to capitalize on this cool yet calming trend.

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