Scarlett Johansson's seamless tile trick creates a 'cinematographic impression' in her bathroom

The actress has streamlined her tiles in an atmospheric new way – and experts say it has surprising practical benefits, too

Scarlett Johansson
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Actress Scarlett Johansson is naturally associated with the silver screen – thanks to Black Widow and (most recently) Asteroid City, to name only a few of her starring roles. But what if we were to say that her bathroom is also cinematic?

The space in question served as a backdrop to Scarlett, who revealed her favorite summer skincare product – and while we were (inevitably) taking notes on her recommendations, we will admit that her unconventional tiling stole some of our attention.

Scarlett is filmed in front of (what appears to be) her shower, complete with purple-gray bathroom tiles that cover the entire wall. However, they don't stop there. Instead, they continue onto the ceiling, creating a cocooning, contemporary atmosphere in the entire room. 

This contemporary aesthetic is described as ' cinematographic' by those in the know – but what makes it so striking? Design experts say the secret is in the tile's reflective abilities. 

'There are atmospheric purposes to having continuing wall tiles onto the ceiling in bathrooms, particularly as tiles can reflect the room's lighting extremely well,' begins Premier Porcelain's founder Richard Mann. 

'If you've got colored or atmospheric bathroom lighting, having the same tiles on the ceiling will reflect the light back down onto the floor, creating a cinematographic or dramatic impression. It also makes for a cozy atmosphere despite being an intimate and private room.'

Richard Mann

Richard Mann is the founder and owner of bathroom company, Premier Porcelain – and has over 25 years within the tile industry. With a keen eye for design and a passion for innovation, Richard transformed his company into a market leader renowned for its exceptional indoor tiles while establishing himself as an authority on bathroom interior design. 

Furthermore, Richard says that this streamlined effect feels private and secure – especially when working alongside our bathroom fittings. 

'If you have elegant or unique appliances in the bathroom, such as a walk-in shower [like Scarlett's] or a large bathtub, having continuous tiling can only emphasize their comfort and security. And there is even more to this trick than its atmospheric good looks. 

'There are also practical purposes with having continuous tiles from the wall onto the ceiling in your bathroom,' Richard says. 

Small bathroom with white metro tiles, bath and rainwater shower

(Image credit: Leanne Ford Interiors / The Albion Bath Co)

'As the bathroom is constantly exposed to moisture and water, it can be a prime breeding ground for grout and mold. However, the same material on both the walls and the ceiling means you don't need to buy multiple products or different equipment to remove any signs of a potential problem,' he explains. 

Additionally, if we use the same tile, as Scarlett demonstrates, we can 'rest assured' that corners won't be a weak point for moisture penetration,' meaning the space will likely stay mold-free for longer. 

'If your household has a strong, linear structure with matching color schemes and a tidy appearance, having a continuous tiling scheme reduces overall visual noise' while promoting a healthy, mold-free space. It may just be time to give this trick a try. 

Purple Apollo Tile – $10.70 at Lowe's

Purple Apollo Tile – $10.70 at Lowe's

Inspired by exotic Zellige tiles, these satin-finished pieces are a natural starting point when recreating Scarlett's bathroom. We love their gray-purple coloring that looks just like the actress's tiles.

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