Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco revive a 'blank canvas' kitchen hue with the ability to transcend trends

The it couple proves that a clean culinary look will never go out of style – and designers inevitably agree

Selena Gomez
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The internet's new favorite couple has lots in common, from their musical backgrounds to their mutual celebrity friends, but one major commonality between Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco is their affinity for the kitchen.

Between Selena's stint as an amateur cook on the HBO series Selena + Chef and Benny's Instagram cooking show, the two have spent ample time concocting tasty dishes in the kitchen. While they experiment with their recipes, a recent photo of the two in her kitchen revealed that traditional design is here to stay.

The space features all-white wall tiles, white cabinetry, and white lighting fixtures, a classic kitchen design that gives off a clean, minimal look. The all-white kitchen begs the question of being overdone, but experts seem to think they are a timeless design choice.

'Many people think that white kitchens are passé as the interior design world has moved onto mid-tone and dark paint colors for cabinetry, and stained wood cabinets are making a comeback,' says interior designer Stefana Silber. 'But in the real world, white kitchens are still king.'

Stefana Silber
Stefana Silber

Stefana loves creating pretty spaces and has done a lot of DIY, but her real passion is sharing all the knowledge she's gained from years of projects and renovations. 

White kitchens are highly adaptable and able to be personalized; the blue ceramic plates hanging on the tiled walls in Selena's kitchen add a touch of color and personality to the otherwise monochromatic scheme, demonstrating the benefits of this style.

'A white kitchen is a safe and classic choice. It may not be the latest trend, but it's never out of style,' she says. 'It fits in various design styles and provides a blank canvas to decorate around. In an open floor plan setting, it takes away the worry of having to coordinate furnishings and finishings with it. The choices of flooring or seating are endless with the white cabinet color.'

White kitchen with marble backsplash and gold hardware

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White cabinets are also incredibly simple to care for, as opposed to colored or textured cabinetry.

'Something very few people think about is the inevitable cracking of crown molding as wood contracts and expands with the seasons and the house settles,' Stefana explains. 'Having white cabinets means a simple swipe of caulk every year to cover the cracks. If you have color-painted or stained wood cabinets, the solution is not so simple.'

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