Shania Twain chose this cool neutral to add 'depth and sophistication' to her living room

'Versatile, calming, and contemporary': It's easy to see why this Shania-approved hue continues to transcend design trends

Shania Twain
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Light blue, the coolest of all neutrals, has a habit of impressing season after season – and with Shania Twain's (unintentional) endorsement, this hue's popularity will certainly endure. 

The singer announced the return of her Vegas residence in her living room (where she was carrying out everyday chores) – but we still got a good look at its design quirks before she packed up and left. And, while we're excited by much in her space (from her eclectic furnishings to her wall tapestry), her paint choices have caused the biggest reaction among interior experts. 

Shania's light blue living room hue, with its light, almost gray-like undertones, continues to shape color trends, but this is no surprise when we consider its benefits. 

'It's versatile, calming, and contemporary - perfect for creating a peaceful space,' comments Raf Michalowski of Meble Furniture. 'It pairs well with both cool tones such as white and warmer hues like blush pinks or oranges. Plus, its neutral palette isn't overwhelming and won't draw too much attention away from other colored furnishings and accessories.' 

Shania has chosen a subtle powder blue-gray shade as a neutral backdrop to her traditional decor. However, Raf explains that choosing our perfect shade depends on our living room color palette. 

'When it comes to selecting a specific shade of gray-blue, consider the existing decor in your home. If you have cool tones, look for shades with more blue undertones; if you prefer warmer hues, opt for gray-blue colors with green, yellow, or brown accents,' he says.

'I would suggest using a few shades of gray-blue on the walls and accessorizing with pops of color, like artwork or pillows, to tie everything together.'

Raf Michalowski

Raf Michalowski is the president of Meble Furniture, a leading e-commerce retailer of contemporary furniture that has operated in New York for over 15 years. His role allows him to observe changing trends and track which furnishings are in demand nationwide. 

blue wall with wooden dresser

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As mentioned, this blue serves as a versatile neutral that allows other pieces to take center stage. In Shania's case, it doesn't distract from the ornateness of her wall tapestry, patterned rug, and marble mantel place. However, as the expert explains, we just need to remember to consider our light levels to help find the perfect base shade. 

'For me, when choosing the perfect shade of gray-blue for your walls, take into account the existing decor in your home as well as how much light is available in the room before making your decision,' he says

'With its calming undertones, it can create a peaceful atmosphere in any room while adding depth and sophistication to your space.'

We can experiment with those varying light levels by picking up a sample for one of our go-to gray-hues, available via Backdrop below.

The Early Stuff Sample –  $3 on Backdrop

The Early Stuff Sample –  $3 on Backdrop
Described as a 'clean, crisp, cool blue with a hint of gray' this soothing shade is Backdrop's twist on baby blue. Alongside the fact that it's easily applicable, we love how this paint is easily washable and green-certified, making it the more sustainable choice. 

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