Sofia Richie's minimalist Christmas tree incorporates a viral Gen Z trend that forecasters say we'll see plenty of in 2024

We didn't expect to see this Gen Z trend filtering into Christmas decor but Sofia Richie's collaboration with Matilda Djerf shows otherwise

sofia richie holiday decor
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Sofia Richie Grainge was absolutely born in the right generation. The social media personality and model gives voice to aesthetic trends loved by Gen Z such as 'old money' and the 'clean girl' look. Now, her Christmas tree embodies another ultra-popular Gen Z trend: Bows. Endless op-eds have documented the rise of the feminine accessory in fashion and now Sofia Richie's Christmas tree shows that it has reached the final frontier of interiors. 

Looking at Sofia's Christmas decor, Brynn Valentine, a Senior Trends Analyst at Foresight Factory who looks largely at Gen Z behaviors, states:  'The first thing that jumps out from that tree is the use of bows. The entire tree is centered around these beautiful, white, super elegant bows.'

brynn valentine trend forecaster
Brynn Valentine

Brynn analyzes emerging trends for retail and brand communications at Foresight Factory. In her career as a trends researcher, Brynn has worked on numerous reports, breaking down Gen Z mindsets, storefront designs, rising internet trends, metaverse maneuvers, and more. Before working in trends, Brynn pursued her education at Oxford University, obtaining a Master's degree in Anthropology with a focus on economic attitudes concerning gig economies and neoliberal ideologies.

But what makes this look popular? Brynn says, 'Especially since the Barbie movie, we've just seen a huge resurgence in the popularity of themes of girlhood and celebrating girlhood across Gen Z. I think for Gen Z women especially, people are really excited about the fact that femininity is being celebrated instead of shunned.' While the embrace of ultra-feminine styles has dominated fashion since early 2023, the look is just beginning to become one of the most popular interior design trends.

'Along with that conversation about celebrating feminity is a lot of discussion about healing the inner child. The lightness around bows plays into this joyful uplifting of things many women loved growing up,' continues Brynn. In many ways, this look is a new iteration of the move towards creating mood-boosting interiors.

She adds, 'Bows are also an easy DIY, signaling the rise of the popularity of crafting.' For instance, decorating a Christmas tree with bows is something anyone with ribbon, scissors, and a little time can replicate. Aside from being on trend, DIY Christmas decor can help your home retain a warm and personalized look this holiday season.

Even if bows aren't for you, our list of Christmas tree ribbon ideas offers other creative ways to use the style. If Sofia Richie's holiday decor is any indication of what hyper-feminine interior design will look like, we're extremely excited to see more of this innovative design style in 2024.

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