Sofia Richie’s Los Angeles backyard masters ‘quiet luxury’ – just as we expected

The social media It girl is yet again providing us with all of the 'quiet luxury' design inspiration

Headshot of Sofia Richie Grainge
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Social media personality Sofia Richie Grainge is known for embodying the quiet luxury trend, and of course, the backyard of her home is no different. Much like the interiors of her understated Los Angeles home, the backyard is serving us endless inspiration for the backyard this summer. 

Taking to Instagram, Richie-Grainge shared an image of the sophisticated space, which features pared-back and understated backyard landscaping ideas. Prominent in the space is the hedging, which is a rich and luscious shade of green. 

‘The choice of a lush, bushy garden hedge serves multiple purposes. Not only does it provide a sense of privacy and enclosure, creating an intimate space within the garden, but it also adds a touch of opulence through its well-maintained appearance. The dense foliage exudes a sense of abundance and contributes to the overall lushness of the setting,’ explains Georgina O'Grady, Managing Director at Evergreen. 

Breaking up the dominant greenery of the yard, the space features neutral-toned stepped paving that acts as a walkway from the entrance of the home. 

O’Grady goes on to explain: 'The clean and light paving stones create a contrast with the greenery, offering a sense of crispness and order. This clean aesthetic is in line with the 'quiet luxury' trend, as it promotes a feeling of refinement and understated elegance.’

Headshot of Georgina O'Grady
Georgina O'Grady

Georgina O'Grady is a professional in the field of interior and exterior landscaping. As Manging Director at Evergreen, she has helped the company become a renowned name in the industry, and has worked alongside world-renowned interior designers on many prestigious projects.

Mastering the quiet luxury trend in home design is not just about aesthetic appeal, but creating a space that maintains its privacy to allow the home to feel separate from the outside world, and O’Grady notes that it’s clear this has been an intentional design choice in Richie-Grainge's backyard: ‘We all love privacy in our gardens, and this one has it thanks to the tall, neatly cut hedges on either side of the small walls.’

‘The hedges not only provide a visual barrier from the outside world but also contribute to the relaxing atmosphere by buffering the garden from external disturbances.’

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your own backyard, or rather on the hunt for outdoor furniture to create the ideal outdoor-indoor living space, there are plenty of modern backyard ideas to explore this summer. 

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