Tom Brady turns 'dead space' into functional kitchen storage with this vertical cabinet technique

The former NFL player utilizes smart storage techniques by maximizing the dead space in his kitchen, a technique that is encouraged by experts

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Soaring ceilings are a high point (pun intended) for many home owners; not only do they expand a space, but they often provide more vertical storage opportunities.

Case in point: Tom Brady's kitchen. The former NFL quarterback recently shared a video clip to his Instagram page of him at home cooking, at we immediately were drawn to his long, wood kitchen cabinets, which seem to provide ample room for any and all storage needs. It's yet another example we have seen of vertical space being utilized, rather than having 'dead space' go ignored.

Dead space typically refers to any space in a kitchen, especially above existing cabinets, that does not have a defined purpose.

'Tom Brady's vertical cabinets are a fabulous example of how to maximize storage and eliminate dead space in a kitchen,' Homes & Gardens' editor Jennifer Ebert states. 'Though cabinets are often sectioned off, having individual, tall cabinets is highly beneficial for keeping a space tidy and organized.'

Ebert suggests being strategic about what items are being stored in vertical cabinets like Brady's. We can also choose floor-to-ceiling kitchen storage that draws our eyes upwards and makes our space feel both airy and organized.

'I would recommend placing items that you don't frequently reach for on the top shelves and keep your everyday essentials on the bottom shelves,' she states. 'For example, specialty appliances or dishes that only get taken out on special occasions could go on top, while cereal bowls or blenders could go on the bottom.'

With vertical cabinets comes the consideration of height; while we don't see a ladder in Brady's space, Ebert suggests having on on standby.

'Kitchen safety extends beyond knives and heated appliances,' she says. 'If you're going to opt for high, vertical storage, make sure to use a proper ladder so items can be reached with ease.'

Olive green kitchen cabinets with white walls and white counters

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Finally, from an aesthetic point of view, vertical cabinets are an excellent choice for those who want to make their kitchens feel more expansive.

'Vertical storage is a great way to make a room seem like it has higher ceilings that it actually does,' Ebert explains. 'By going tall rather than wide, a kitchen will automatically look sleeker and airier, in addition to the functional elements of extra storage.'

Below, find a selection of stools and ladders that are essential for any kitchen with vertical storage.

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