Vanessa Hudgens is setting a new window treatment trend for 2024 – and it could tempt us away from minimalism for good

This movement pays homage to the best-looking remnants of the era gone by – here's why they will thrive in the year ahead

Vanessa Hudgens
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As we sit on the brink of a new year, our thoughts will inevitably turn to the trends we can expect to see in the seasons ahead – but in some cases, that involves looking to the past. 

This is the case with an emerging retro curtain trend – already exhibited in Vanessa Hudgens' Los Angeles abode – drawing from the bold prints of the '70s to starkly contrast modern-day minimalism. It offers us full permission to experiment with the patterns and hues we may have neglected in favor of a more neutral palette – and while minimalism will never fall out of favor, we predict a more maximalist year ahead. 

Vanessa's patterned curtains epitomize the retro revival trend – an aesthetic that, designers say, is a response to the modernist and minimalist nature of our contemporary day.

'In an era characterized by rapid technological advancement, the desire for retro '70s aesthetics reveals a collective yearning for the simplicity and authenticity that defined a bygone era,' comments New York-based designer Elizabeth Grace. 

Elizabeth emphasizes that the 'tactile nature' of retro prints, colors, and furnishings 'offers a stark contrast to the digital minimalism of today' – and 'reimagines' nostalgia to invite us to tap into the quirks of a bygone world. 

Interior Designer
elizabeth grace, pro interior designer
Interior Designer
Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace is an Interior Designer, Furniture and Home Expert. She received her degree in Interior Design from the University of Notre Dame. Elizabeth landed her first job as an intern with a leading firm in New York City, learning from some of the city’s top designers. She currently works as an interior designer for both residential and commercial clients.

'The enduring appeal of retro '70s-inspired interiors is a testament to the indelible mark this era has left on the design world. It celebrates color, craftsmanship, and artistic expression that transcends time and trends,' Elizabeth comments. 

'As we continue to shape our living spaces, the echoes of the '70s remind us that true design knows no expiration date – it's an ever-evolving symphony of artistry that resonates in the heart of every home.'

Living room with curtains as door

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Boldy-patterned living room curtains like Vanessa's are an impactful way to tap into this design trend – but as Elizabeth explains, we can do so on a smaller scale with retro-inspired accessories. Vanessa has experimented with dark greens and browns, but Elizabeth also recommends yellow and rusty hues for an instant retro-revival. 

'The golden ochres and burnt siennas of the '70s palette evoke a feeling of timelessness, a connection to an era that celebrated the playfulness of color in its most authentic form,' Elizabeth comments.

'These hues often brushed across walls or elegantly woven into textiles, breathe life into interiors with a unique blend of familiarity and novelty. Their ability to create an inviting ambiance and a visually stimulating environment is a testament to their enduring popularity.'

We can also follow the actress's lead with this retro fabric, like the one in her home, available on Etsy below.

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