Doctors say the harmonious color pairing in Venus Williams's bedroom is 'conducive to a deep sleep'

When a sporting great designs a space that looks good and does great, we take note – here's why science also approves

Venus Williams
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Tennis icon Venus Williams may be best associated with her sporting success – but she's also the founder of V Starr Interiors, a South Florida interiors firm writing her name into design history. And, of course, no space offers a canvas for Venus to experiment quite like her own. 

The former world No. 1 often shares snapshots around her Jupiter, FL home, including a space where design decisions matter the most: the bedroom. Her space (seen below) combines soft off-white paint with light gray-hued bedding – creating a sleep-inducing color palette with top doctors' approval. 

So, what can we learn from Venus's bedroom color choices? Dr.Naheed Ali weighs in on how these soft hues can help us sleep better

'Some of the best colors for sleep tend to have a soft, natural hue. This is because tones that mirror natural elements often induce a sense of calm and tranquility,' Dr. Ali begins. 

'Light gray and off-white, being neutral and muted, create a calm atmosphere conducive to a deep sleep. When the human brain perceives these colors, it is not over-stimulated or distracted, allowing for a quicker transition into a restful state.'

Similarly, these light gray and white tones promote tranquility through their versatile and harmonious qualities that tick boxes in the design industry, as well as the science world. 

'Both light gray and off-white are incredibly versatile. Whether you opt for pristine white walls or incorporate various patterns and textures, these colors provide an adaptable backdrop,' much like Venus. 'This versatility ensures that while aesthetics can be diverse, the core foundation promotes relaxation and calmness.'

Dr. Naheed Ali
Dr. Naheed Ali

Dr. Naheed Ali is a biomedical expert, lecturer, and lead writer at Sleep Bubble, a site promoting healthier sleeping habits. He earned his MD degree in 2008 and later completed Harvard Medical School’s lifestyle medicine training in 2012 before obtaining a Ph.D. in holistic health elsewhere in 2013. He has spent recent years lecturing on various biomedical topics at colleges nationwide. 

A bedroom color idea with white walls, dove grey headboard, white curtains, cream throw and tarnished black-framed mirror

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And, as mentioned, the harmony found in gray and white bedrooms is equally impactful in creating an aesthetic space – that does even more than look good.

'The softness of light gray and off-white also complements other calming shades, creating an environment that can cater to personal preferences while maintaining the serene quality essential for rest,' Dr. Ali explains. 

To accentuate these benefits, he recommends adding hints of lavender or soft green that can 'further enhance the room's tranquility without interrupting the calming aura. Naturally, choosing the best mattress for your needs is vital, but of course, Venus has that covered, too. She recently collaborated with Ghost Bed to design her Legend Mattress, made from mineral-infused gel memory foam to promote faster muscle recovery and better sleep. 

White bedroom with iron bed with modern style bed sheets

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'Light gray and off-white, given their inherent calming properties and adaptability, have emerged as top choices for those looking to design a bedroom that's both aesthetically pleasing and functionally beneficial for sleep,' Dr. Ali adds. 

For a Venus-inspired space (that is science-approved, of course), we recommend starting with these picks below. 

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