Why does Martha Stewart have two sinks? The reason behind her unconventional kitchen layout is brilliant

We got the inside scoop on Martha Stewart's least favorite kitchen layout and the reason why she has two sinks

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If there's a secret to life, Martha Stewart seems to have figured it out. The lifestyle guru has written almost one hundred books, starred in one of the most successful cooking shows of all time, and been on a Sports Illustrated cover. So, if a kitchen layout can make us any more like Martha, we're game. 

As is to be expected from Martha Stewart, every detail of her kitchen is planned to a T. When asked about her kitchen layout, Martha told Homes & Gardens exclusively: 'The kitchen in my house that I primarily work in is big. It was five rooms before I turned it into one room.' She continued, 'I thought a lot about what I wanted.'

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What does Martha need all that space for, you ask? Two kitchen sinks, for one. She stated: 'I have two sinks in the kitchen, one for washing china and glassware and one for washing pots and pans.' This ingenious hack ensures that Martha's sink never overflows with dirty dishes when she is washing non-dishwasher-safe cookware. More than anything, it is a tip for remaining organized, especially when cleaning up after cooking for a large group.

Furthermore, in the case of the china and glassware sink, the way Martha Stewart designed her kitchen sink area helps her delicate pieces to last longer. While piling china and glassware high with pots and pans in a large sink is a recipe for breakage, keeping them separate helps to protect the less-sturdy kitchen wares.

Martha also made it clear that kitchen window placement is of paramount importance to her. She told H&G: 'Both of my sinks are underneath a window so I can look outside. I hate sinks against the wall where you can't see anything.' Natural light and outdoor scenes while washing the dishes may sound like a little thing, but Martha seems to agree that these small design choices can add up to greatly improve your quality of life. 

Using two sinks is a great way to stay organized while cleaning up and an excellent method for minimizing the breakage of glassware. For more on how Martha's kitchen serves her, read everything she told us about her timeless cabinet color.

We interviewed Martha as part of her Don't Do It Yourself Campaign with Pure Leaf Tea.

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