Zoe Saldana uses this age-old material to front her kitchen cabinets – allowing for function and style all in one

The Avatar star's cabinetry is highly accessible while making space for display items – and experts say we can learn a lot from its timeless aesthetic

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A clutter-free kitchen gives way to a clear mind. That's why we are big fans of kitchen storage solutions here at H&G, and one of our favorite ways to keep culinary space spotless is via efficient (and stylish) shelving units.

Our current inspiration? Zoe Saldana's spotless kitchen. The actor, who has starred in Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the upcoming Spanish-language film Emilia Perez, which just debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, recently posted a photo back at her California home, and the two symmetrical, glass-fronted cabinets are the ultimate blend of function and fashion, with the cabinets containing white dishware to match the painted exterior.

Similar to open shelving, glass-fronted kitchen cabinets allow for items such as dishes and cookware to be displayed rather than hidden behind dark, painted doors.

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'By utilizing glass rather than an opaque material, like wood, you not only get to show off selected items, but you also open up your kitchen,' explains Homes & Gardens' editor Jennifer Ebert.

This makes glass cabinets a great hack for smaller kitchens, but as Saldana proves, they look just as stylish in large kitchens, too, and as such are a staple when brainstorming kitchen ideas.

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As far as what goes inside the cabinets, Ebert recommends being selective and opting for a blend of objects that are used daily, with objects that are visually pleasing and may not be seen otherwise.

'If your cabinets are next to your oven, like Saldana's, consider placing pots and pans inside them,' she says. 'However, if the cabinets are closer to the fridge, it might make more sense to place bowls, plates, and glassware in them. If the former, try showing off a Dutch oven or a similarly robust piece of cookware, and if that latter, display colored glasses or ceramic bowls.'

Ebert recommends varying the sizes and shapes of the pieces behind the cabinets to maintain visual interest. Saldana has done this with an array of bowl and plate sizes. We can further showcase our personalities with cookbooks (or any other books we might want to bring into our kitchen, for that matter), as the actress also demonstrates. It's a more intimate way to introduce color in a space that might otherwise exclusively showcase neutral hues (as is the case in this primarily white-painted space).

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Below, find some pieces that would look great for display and general kitchen function behind a glass-front cabinet.

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