I'm a shopping writer - you can't miss 10% off the Ninja WoodFire outdoor grill at QVC

The Ninja woodfire outdoor grill does more than your standard barbecue – our top-rated electric grill is now at the lowest price we've seen since Black Friday

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The Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill has certainly changed the grill game. Just like most modern kitchen appliances that are impressively multifunctional – from air fryers that bake, roast and sear, to multi-cookers that slow cook, pressure cook, steam, and sautee – this portable grill does more than just your standard barbecue. 

We've tested many of the best grills on the market, and it's sat as our best electric grill all summer. The only thing that might put you off is the price. For a portable grill, a nearly $400 price tag might seem a lot, but the Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill currently has 10% off at QVC, which is the lowest price we've seen since Black Friday – as a shopping editor, it's a deal I couldn't go without shouting about.

What's more, today, 7/22, QVC are offering free shipping, but you'll have to get your order in ASAP. 

Our expert tester highly rates this best-selling grill, and while it won't match the size of a full-size smoker, it certainly stands up to the competition. Whether you're wanting to host an intimate cook-out or need a grill you can use on your balcony or terrace, this is the perfect portable grill for small families with small outdoor spaces.

Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill |was $369.99 now $329.95 at QVC

Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill |was $369.99 now $329.95 at QVC
This is a modest saving, but with so few offers on grills, it's not one to miss. A highly rated portable grill – that does more than most – for $330 is a good deal however you slice it. 

Why you should buy it

But don't just take it from me, our grill expert, and head shopping editor, Alex David, highly recommends this grill – giving you all the more reason to get it while you can on sale. Here's his verdict: 

'I was hugely skeptical when I first saw this product on the market, which is why we had to test it. I’ve tried a lot of smaller grills and usually they just can’t match a full-sized grill. But after putting this one through the ringer, it really is as good as a proper pellet grill. The best feature by far is the smoker. It’s a good option if you’re a casual barbecuer or new to the scene. 

'You can experiment with smoking without shelling out $1000 for a full-sized smoker. It totally removes my main complaint about electric and gas grills, which is that they taste a little sterile when compared to charcoal. The WoodSmoke function imparts a smoky flavor with the ease of using an air fryer. 

I also love that you aren’t limited to classic grill fare with this. I’m still in awe that Alex turned out good cinnamon rolls with this, and I can’t even imagine experimenting with smoke on those. It’s genuinely a game changer - the only problem as far as I can see is the size, as it’s best suited to couples and smaller families.

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Alex David

As Head of eCommerce, Alex David makes sure our readers find the right information to help them make the best purchase. After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Alex learned the tricks of the trade at the Good Housekeeping Institute, testing everything from vacuums and washing machines to dog toys to exercise bikes. He then moved to BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, where he got into the weeds discovering the best gardening tools, machinery, and grills.

Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill |was $369.99 now $329.95 at QVC

Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill |was $369.99 now $329.95 at QVC
This is a modest saving, but with so few offers on grills, it's not one to miss. A highly rated portable grill – that does more than most – for $330 is a good deal however you slice it. 

More about the Ninja woodfire outdoor grill

The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill on a transparent backgroundH&G gold badge

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Best electric grill


Cook surface: 141 sq. in.
Dimensions: 13.31 in x 18.58 in x 23.62 in
Fuel type: Electric, woodfire pellets
Best for: portable smoking

Reasons to buy

Powered by electricity
Portable and compact
Cooks faster than estimated times 
Seven different cooking functions in one
Includes an air fryer basket and two wood pellet bags

Reasons to avoid

Lacks a thermometer
Doesn’t include a grill stand

A portable grill is rarely ranked so highly. But the Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill is just as good as larger grills. We're confident it performs in the same league as some full-sized smokers. With seven different functions – yes, seven – it's ideal for small families with small outdoor spaces, who want to cook food just as tasty as meals grilled on bigger barbecues. 

Offering grilling, roasting, smoking, frying, baking, dehydrating, and broiling, it can't match the cooking area of a full-sized smoker, but you can take this grill on camping trips, to your friend's yard or even with you on a summers day out. 

The portability is, of course, great, but the standout feature is the smoker. The Woodfire uses a box of wood pellets to infuse your dishes with a delicious, smoky flavor. Our tester Alex used it to make an incredible smoked pork tenderloin in just 45 minutes, and a neighbor she shared it with thought it was the best tenderloin they'd ever had. It offers incredibly quick cooking. We had a joint of salmon ready in only 7 minutes. 

The handy smart display will tell you when it's time to flip your food, but we recommend keeping an eye on it anyway, as this grill is so efficient that it will cook faster than the given recipe times. 

Our full Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill review has all the detail. 

Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill |was $369.99 now $329.95 at QVC

Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill |was $369.99 now $329.95 at QVC
This is a modest saving, but with so few offers on grills, it's not one to miss. A highly rated portable grill – that does more than most – for $330 is a good deal however you slice it. 


Is the Ninja grill worth it?

The Ninja Woodfire outdoor grill is generally a great price. We think a good portable grill should cost around the $400 mark. While you can get small grills cheaper, this one does more than most standard grills. With its multifunctional settings, it grills, roasts, smokes, fries, bakes, dehydrates, and broils, all for $369,98. In our opinion, and many happy customers, the Ninja grill is certainly worth it – especially when it's on sale. 

If you have a small outdoor space, like a balcony, terrace, patio, or teeny yard, then the Ninja grill is definitely worth it. Perfect for anyone wanting to try out their grilling skills in the limited space they have available, you're able to make delicious foods that put bigger grills up to the competition. 

When did the Ninja grill come out?

The Ninja woodfire outdoor grill was first released 25th September, 2022. We tested it in January 2023, and it has remained on our best grill list as the best electric grill since. Considering its a smaller, portable grill we didn't expect this one to live up to standards of full-sized smokers. Nonetheless, no other grills have knocked it from its spot. In fact, the Ninja grill has only risen in popularity. 

Since the Ninja woodfire grill has came out, it has rarely been on sale. We first saw discounts appear in the 2022 Black Friday sales, with no offers on after that. This is such a popular portable grill with great reviews – spotting it on sale isn't worth scrolling past. 

If you're in the market for a new grill but are on a budget, it's worth doing your research. There are certain sales periods like Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day, and President's Day when grills tend to go on sale. A deal in late summer like this is relatively rare, so it's worth moving fast, especially when there's free shipping.  Finding out the best time to buy a grill can save you some serious cash – especially if you've had your eye on a premium model. Rem

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