Best grills 2024: explore the top smoker, charcoal, and gas grills, tested by experts

After trialing dozens of burgers, grilled chickens, briskets, steaks, and ribs on gas, charcoal, and smoker grills from brands such as Weber and Ninja, these are the very best grills.

One of the best grills, the Weber Spirit II E-310, in a modern yard
(Image credit: Weber)
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Best grill you can buy: Weber Spirit II E-310
3. Best premium grill: Weber Genesis II E-335
4. Best electric grill: Ninja Woodfire
5. Best large grill: Weber Genesis SPX-435
5. Best gas/charcoal hybrid: Charbroil Gas2Coal
6. Best charcoal grill: Napoleon Pro 22K
7. Best smoker: Traeger Ironwood 650
8. Best big smoker: Weber SmokeFire EPX6
Best kamado: Kamado Joe II
10. Best looking grill: Everdure Force
11. Best kettle grill: Weber Master Touch
12. Best portable grill: Weber Traveler
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No summer family gathering is complete without a grill sizzling away in the background. But while they're a home entertaining essential, it can be hard to find the best grills. Grills come with a lot of unhelpful marketing jargon, so it's easy to get lost if you don't know your smokers from your side burners. They can also be very expensive, and if you're not sure what to look for, it can be daunting to take the plunge.

That's why I've tried and tested the best grills on the market. After tracking down the top grills from market leaders like Weber, Traeger, and Kamado Joe, I spent days ranking the very best. I've tested grills and other garden and kitchen products for my entire career, so I know exactly what makes the best grill.

I've covered charcoal grills for that unmistakable smoky flavor, smokers for succulent slow-cooked joints of meat, and gas grills for speed and ease of use. The best grills will let you cook almost anything, look great in your garden, and be simple to operate. They should also be affordable, easy to store and quick to assemble.

My favorite, and the best example of all of these qualities, is the Weber Spirit II E-310, but I've also found several other options worth considering.

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Best grills 2024

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Best grill you can buy

1. Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill

The best grill overall


Cook surface: 660 sq-in
Dimensions: 29 x 59 x 47 in
Fuel type: Gas
Best for: Grilling meats and vegetables

Reasons to buy

Easy to set up
Easy to use 
Best burgers on test 
Best chicken on test
Reasonable price

Reasons to avoid

Small side rack for propane
Wide grills for thin-sliced foods
Plastic control knobs 

This is the best grill on the market. It's everything you need for a family barbecue. It has a large cooking area, is easy to set up and use, and most importantly, it produced the tastiest food on test. It does all this and more at a very reasonable price. 

What I love most about this grill is that it's unfussy and straightforward. Where lots of grills are marketed to 'pit bosses' and need hours of training to make the a simple meal, the Spirit II is fast and easy. You hardly need to think while you're cooking - Ignite it and you'll have burgers and sausages ready to go in minutes.

These burgers were delicious - the whole team agreed that they were the best on test. They were perfectly seared and picked up a delicious char, but were still juicy on the inside. It was a similar story when we grilled vegetables. We also made an unbelievable spatchcock chicken. What's more, the cooking area is huge for a relatively compact grill. If you're smart about it, you could turn out dozens of burgers without much effort. 

The side rack for holding propane is quite small, so if you're cooking off a 30 or 40lb tank it might be hard to hide. The grills are also quite wide - we found that thin slices of vegetables like zucchini easily slip through the gaps. We also felt that the plastic knobs feel a little cheap, but these are minor quibbles rather than serious problems.

There's more detail in our full Weber Spirit II E-310 review

Best premium grill

2. Weber Genesis II E-335

The best premium grill


Cook surface: 513 sq-in
Dimensions: H47 x W59 x D29"
Fuel type: Liquid petroleum gas
Best for: Unparalleled smart features

Reasons to buy

Generous cooking area
High quality side burner
Good warranty
Smart technology included

Reasons to avoid

Assembly takes a while

If you're looking to step up your grilling game, Weber's Genesis II E-335 is a good place to start. It won't be for everyone, but it's a mighty grill that's up to just about any task you could throw its way. This high-tech grill can be paired with your smartphone for remote monitoring. We were able to pair the probe with our smartphone and set it to monitor a specific type of meat and doneness as it grilled. 

This means incredible performance when cooking backyard staples like burgers or chicken. We also used it with the side burner on this grill, making a delicious steak. That's because the smart tech in the grill told us when the meat was at the perfect temperature for a juicy, medium-rare steak, taking away all the guesswork.

However, there's no denying that this is a hefty grill. If you've got a small garden it could dominate your space. Assembly took a while too, but once we had everything set up and ready to go, it was more than worth the trouble it took to assemble.  You can monitor the grill from your phone but not change the temperature or control it, so keep this in mind when slow-cooking your meat. But while we love all the functionality, this grill is usually $1000 more expensive than our #1 pick.

Best electric grill

Best electric grill


Cook surface: 141 sq. in.
Dimensions: 13.31 in x 18.58 in x 23.62 in
Fuel type: Electric, woodfire pellets
Best for: portable smoking

Reasons to buy

Powered by electricity
Portable and compact
Cooks faster than estimated times 
Seven different cooking functions in one
Includes an air fryer basket and two wood pellet bags

Reasons to avoid

Lacks a thermometer
Doesn’t include a grill stand

You might be surprised to see a portable grill so far up the list, but the Ninja Woodfire passed our tests with flying colors. We're confident that this is as good as some full-sized smokers. This portable electric grill has seven different functions, including grilling, roasting, smoking, frying, baking, dehydrating, and broiling. While it can't match the cooking area of a full-sized smoker, this grill is perfect for small families and camping trips, offering fast, simple, and delicious smoked foods. 

The standout feature, however, is the smoker. The Woodfire uses a box of wood pellets to infuse your dishes with a delicious, smoky flavor. While the flavor's not the same as the smokers on bigger grills, it's still as good. Our tester Alex used it to make an incredible smoked pork tenderloin in just 45 minutes, and a neighbour she shared it with thought it was the best tenderloin they'd ever had. 

It offers incredibly quick cooking. We had a joint of salmon ready in only 7 minutes, and if anything, it was almost too quick. The handy smart display will tell you when to flip your food, but we recommend keeping an eye on it anyway, as this grill is so efficient that it will cook faster than the given recipe times. 

Alex's full Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill review has all the details. 

Best large grill

The best large grill


Cook surface: 994 sq. in.
Dimensions: 27 in. (D) x 68.5 (W) x 48.5 in (H)
Fuel type: Propane
Best for : Advanced gas cooking

Reasons to buy

Prep tables and grill locker
Sear burner and side burner
Expandable top cooking grate

Reasons to avoid

Can't adjust temperature remotely

This is straightforward: the Weber Genesis SPX-435 Smart Gas Grill is huge. We found that it has nearly a thousand square inches of grilling area, not including the side burner. If you've got a big, hungry family, this will cater to everyone. It's more than double the size of some of the other grills on the test. It fits forty burgers. That's enough to feed an entire football team, let alone a family. 

That's before you get into the extras. We're big fans of the sear station, designed to leave those classic charred lines in your steaks and burgers for maximum flavor by creating an intense heat zone. There's also a side burner that can be used to prep side dishes or cook off smaller items that can't go on the main grill. 

There's also a foldable warming rack that can heat burger buns or keep hot dogs warm when they're done cooking, so you can prep your foods with different cooking times but the same serving time.

However, unlike the Weber SmokeFire below, you can't adjust the temperature of this grill via an app. You'll need to run it off an outlet, and it's the most expensive grill on test.

Best gas/charcoal hybrid

5. Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill

The best gas/charcoal hybrid grill


Burners: 3
Cooking area: 420 square inches
Dimensions: H47 x W52 x D24"

Reasons to buy

Can cook on gas or coal
Good value for size
Five year warranty
Electric ignition

Reasons to avoid

Raised side burner can be temperamental

Grill orthodoxy is that charcoal tastes better than gas, but it takes too long to heat up; gas is faster than charcoal, but tastes sterile in comparison. Enter the Charbroil Gas2Coal, which offers the best of both types of fuel. 

Our expert tester and Head of Reviews Millie Fender was impressed with how quickly this grill reached temperature with both fuels. It's fast, responsive and perfect for cooking under pressure. 

The Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill claims to be rust-resistant, and we can confirm that this is true - after more than a year of testing, we haven't seen any rust. However, to be safe, you should store it with a cover or inside your garage to keep the grill safe from the elements year-round. 

The side burner caused the most trouble of the whole experience. It's raised above the side table, so the flame blows around a lot. If you want to cook a steak in a skillet as you grill, you'll have to ensure you do it in a sheltered area of the yard. 

Best charcoal grill