Best air fryer deals – unmissable offers on Ninja, Instant, Cosori, and more

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At H&G, air fryers are high up on our kitchen wish list. They're speedy and easy ways to make delicious food. The only thing that gets our experts more excited than an air fryer test day is an air fryer sale. And those are few and far between.

Finding a seriously good air fryer deal can be tough if you don't know the market. Ninja, Cosori, and Instant make some of the best air fryers, so they're a reliable place to look for deals. Outside of that, there are plenty of cheap, plastic air fryers and some models that cash in on the 'luxury' price tag. With all that in mind, how do you know when an air fryer deal is any good? You ask us.

We have a team of air fryer-obsessed experts who are always looking for the best air fryer deals on the market. We test any model we think you'll like, looking for air fryers that suit every kind of home. We've found small air fryers, dual-drawer air fryers, multi-functional slow cookers, and even the best non-toxic air fryers. Then, if we see a discount on them (at any retailer), we shout about it. So, if you've been coveting a Cosori or daydreaming of dual-drawer air fryers, you're in the perfect place.

Where to shop the best air fryer deals

If you want to get straight into shopping for yourself, here are the best places to buy an air fryer. They might have a retailer-specific sale, or a special sale section. It's always worth checking.

Our favorites

Air fryer deals

There's no nationwide sale on right now (the next one will be Labor Day). So, we've popped our favorite, tried and tested air fryers below. Some brands might have a sale on them, so make sure to shop around.


When is the next air fryer sale?

The next nationwide sale isn't until Labor Day in September. Unless you're willing to wait until then, it's worth shopping around at different retailers, because they might have individual sales on throughout the year. Whenever we see a noteworthy deal, we let you know about it.

When is a good time to buy an air fryer?

If you need one, any time is a good time. However, if you're not desperate, it's worth waiting for a nationwide sale, such as Black Friday, Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and New Year. These are the best times to snag a serious saving, because all retailers reduce their prices to compete with each other. We'll keep you up to date on all the best offers whenever these sales are on.

When is Labor Day?

This year, Labor Day falls on September 2nd. It'll be the next best time to grab an air fryer deal. Watch this space for more details on what to shop and when to shop them.

Our tips for getting the best air fryer deals on offer

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Knowing which air fryer deals to shop and when to buy them, can be tricky, but if you follow some simple tips, you'll be able to snag the best saving possible.

1. Know what to shop

The first thing you need to know before shopping the sales is what you're looking for. There are lots of different types of air fryers: compact, tower, dual drawer, French door, smart, and multi-cookers or grills that integrate air frying functions. Knowing roughly which category you're shopping in will help you to streamline your search. You won't get overwhelmed shopping either. If you need a hand, we go deep into the details of what to look for in our air fryer buying guide.

2. Ask the experts

People like me spend our days testing, reviewing, and researching the best air fryers on the market, so we have a lot to say about them. When the Amazon Prime Day sales come around, we'll all be updating articles on the best air fryer deals. Given that it's our job, it's worth looking at what we have to say. I'd always cross-reference different sites, so you can see what everyone is talking about, but you'll see commonalities between what we are all talking about.

3. Check for yourself

It's always nice to have your own reassurance too. There are extensions (I use CamelCamelCamel) that will show you the price of the product on Amazon and where it has sat historically. Some air fryers are regularly on sale and others are rarely discounted. If you can see the lowest price that it's been and how long ago, you can make an informed decision about what you want for yourself.

4. Stay focused

Don't get tempted by bigger discounts on models that don't tick all of your boxes. If you know you want a dual-drawer air fryer, don't compromise, because you'll only end up using your air fryer less in the longer-term.

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