Best gardening apps – make growing endeavors easier with these clever tech solutions

Whether you need to diagnose a houseplant problem or plan a vegetable patch, these top tech picks will help

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There's been a huge rise in smartphone apps over the last few years. And those that center around gardening shouldn't be overlooked by green-fingered folk looking for quick solutions and advice.

A wide range is available, so whether you're planning a vegetable garden, thinking of trying some new garden trends, or caring for the best indoor plants, there's something to suit. With just a few swipes, growing endeavors can become much easier and more enjoyable – no matter how experienced you are.

We have curated a selection of the best gardening apps to give you that extra helping hand, whatever you choose to grow.

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Gardening apps make plant care simple

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Best gardening apps to try

Just like self-watering planters, such as these from Amazon, or a robot lawnmower (such as the Gardena Sileno model, also from Amazon), the best gardening apps will make caring for your plants less work.

Apps for plant identification and care

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Planta provides useful tips

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Identifying plants and learning how to care for them is key to successful growing. And there are a few great apps that can help.

Take Planta, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, which is Apple's 'Editor's Choice' pick. Ida Nordin, a plant expert at Planta since 2019, says, 'Whether it is about your potted plants or the jungle in your garden, you can scan new finds to see what they are, as well as scan your sick plants to find out what's going on. And if our Dr. Planta feature can't figure out what's going on, no worries – our team of plant experts like me will take over the case.'

It also reminds you to water, fertilize, repot, and trim your plants in a smart way, she says – by incorporating over 19 parameters, including your local weather.

'Planta also has a social community where you can ask your green questions and share your plant dreams with plant lovers from around the world,' Ida adds.

Ida Nordin from Planta
Ida Nordin

Ida was a social worker before changing her path to work with plants in a garden center. After some training and education, she got a job at Planta and has never looked back. After years at Planta, Ida has encountered a myriad of plant challenges. Whether it’s a sad plant, a happy plant, or a peculiar-looking one, she’s seen it all and is here to help.

Another example is Plantum, which can identify 33,000 plant species. Andrew Khaziayeu, product manager for the app, says: 'The Plantum app has been assisting plant lovers in identifying plants in the wild and in the home for more than four years. Initially, our aim was to enable instant plant recognition and provide detailed species descriptions. 

'Over time, however, we've shifted our focus towards developing and enhancing features for plant care. Now our users can diagnose a plant with just one photo and get an expert consultation from professional botanists,' he adds.

Plantum also offers watering, misting, rotating, and repotting reminders, making it easy to care for your indoor garden. There are also tools such as a light meter (which measures light intensity and whether it's suitable for your plant).

headshot of Andrew Khaziayeu from Plantum
Andrew Khaziayeu

Andrew Khaziayeu has been working as a product manager for Plantum, one of the most well-known apps from AIBY Group, for over four years. This AI-based application helps to identify plants and plant diseases while offering care recommendations. With over 20 million users worldwide, Plantum has become a go-to tool for aspiring plant parents. Andrew has a profound understanding of the mobile industry and user needs.

Greg is another great option if you need help and advice on houseplant care. 'With over 2.5 million plants thriving under its guidance, Greg is the ultimate wingman for plant enthusiasts and newbies alike,' says Alex Ross, the app's co-creator and CEO.

'Snap a pic of your leafy friend and watch as Greg's cutting-edge AI tech decodes its species and environment in seconds,' he continues. It then provides you with a personalized plant care plan. 'From watering schedules to humidity levels, Greg's got you covered.'

There's also a social aspect. 'Greg's vibrant in-app community is where plant parents unite,' Alex says. 'Share pics, swap tips, and get expert advice from a global network of passionate growers who've got your back through every plant parenting crisis.'

Apps for vegetable growing

person using Fryd app on vegetable patch

Fryd makes vegetable growing less daunting

(Image credit: Fryd)

Some of the best gardening apps make it easy to start a vegetable patch. A notable example is Fryd (which means joy in Danish and Norwegian). It's the most popular gardening app in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and has recently launched in the US and the UK. 

Whether you have a large backyard, an allotment, or are gardening on a balcony, Fryd helps you make a plan and choose the best veg and companion crops for your climate and location.

'Fryd is so much more than just an app; we're a movement towards a greener future, says Florian Hassler, founder of Fryd. 'Our mission is to empower everyone to grow their own vegetables as gardening leads to a happier, healthier lifestyle, fosters sustainable consumption habits, and deepens appreciation for nature and food.

'Before we founded Fryd, we realized that there are a lot of people who are very motivated to grow their own vegetables, but that there is often a lack of knowledge and experience,' he continues. 'We aspire to close this gap and also give gardeners the tools they need to grow their own vegetables – most notably a tool to create planting plans and a tailored to do-list, as well as a community to answer any question that might arise during the growing season.'

Florian Hassler from Fryd app
Florian Hassler

In his early 30s, Florian felt a strong desire to grow his own food, despite having almost zero clue how to do so. Together with two friends, who became Fryd co-founders, he felt there must be a better way to empower people to grow fruit and veggies. Fast forward a few years and he's now responsible for design and marketing at Fryd. He's also become a more experienced gardener, with a large no-dig garden behind the house.

Another option is Planter, recommended by Gardener Scott. Its features include a planting calendar, info on companion planting, and a square foot gardening layout grid. 

Apps for landscaping plans

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Apps can come in handy for landscaping projects, too

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Looking to try some new garden landscaping ideas? Consider iScape, a landscape design tool with nearly 4 million downloads, which makes it easy to plan an updated look for your outdoor space. 

Simply take a photo of your yard and drop in design elements, plants, or trees from the extensive database. You'll get a useful visualization before you splash the cash on the real thing.


What are some useful wildlife apps to use in my backyard?

Seek by iNaturalist allows you to capture plants and wildlife with the 'Seek Camera' and learn more about them. There are challenges to complete and badges to win, too.

If you're specifically interested in identifying birds in your backyard, try Merlin. There's a nifty sound ID feature, too, which helps identify bird calls.

You can take steps to make your garden more wildlife-friendly, such as planting for pollinators or feeding visiting birds, to attract more interesting insects and other creatures.

Can iPhones identify plants?

iPhones with iOS 15 or later have an integrated feature called Visual Look Up. If you spot the leaf symbol in the info bar at the bottom of your photo, you can get a plant identification.

Looking for more savvy tech solutions to make your life easier? Our list of smart home must-haves is worth checking out.

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