Joanna Gaines' greenhouse is a top outdoor trend for 2024 – showing us how this space can be practical and beautiful

Joanna Gaines' greenhouse not only provides a place for her to grow her favorite plants, but it offers a calming, green oasis in which to sit and relax – this is why we love the multipurpose look

Joanna Gaines
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As temperatures begin to rise and the days become longer and brighter, many of us are appreciating the changing of the seasons by spending more time outside tending to our yards, gardens and greenhouses.

Greenhouse ideas are often used to create an extra growing space for plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits, and allow gardeners to grow a multitude of crops in all weathers, all year round. 

However, as Joanna Gaines shows us in a recent Instagram post, they can also be a wonderful space to relax in – after all, there's nothing more calming than being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

In the grounds of her Texas estate, Joanna Gaines' greenhouse creates an additional 'room' in which to unwind – and as she shares in her Instagram post, enjoy a morning coffee with her plants.

To help make the greenhouse feel more cozy and inviting, Joanna has filled the space with a wooden table, like this design on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and a beautiful rattan seat. The greenhouses' spacious design allows enough room for this furniture to be comfortably added in, and we love how the simple addition of a table and chair completely transforms the usability of the space.

Shelves in a greenhouse with terracotta and metal pots, plants and watering can.

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Of course, the main purpose of a greenhouse is to provide an adaptable growing environment for plants, flowers, and more, but just like sunroom ideas or garden room ideas, an indoor-outdoor space like a greenhouse can also benefit from the addition of cozier elements such as lighting and seating; creating an additional area in your yard and garden in which you can sit, relax and enjoy the outdoors – and be protected from the elements.

Greenhouse growing tips

To balance the beautiful with the practical, Drew Swainston, Homes & Gardens' gardening expert, offers his top tips for gardening in a greenhouse.

'Greenhouses are fantastic growing spaces and offer the opportunity to grow and maintain tender crops that may not be suited to growing outside in your climate. These plants can be ornamental or edible and range in size from small cactuses and succulents to climbing vines.'

'Growing in a heated greenhouse also opens up the opportunity to grow flowers during the colder winter. Depending on your greenhouse set-up, plants can be grown in the ground, raised beds, or in pots to display, like in Joanna’s greenhouse. Ornamental in pots can overwinter in a greenhouse and then be put outside when the weather heats up - freeing up the space to grow heat-loving crops such as tomatoes, eggplant, or chili peppers during the summer.'

Drew Swainston
Drew Swainston

Drew qualified as a journalist and wrote for many websites and publications, before studying for a horticulture qualification. He worked as a professional gardener for several years, specializing in kitchen gardening. He's now bringing his expertise and passion to Homes & Gardens as a member of our team. 

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