Best pink flowering trees for pots – 5 compact varieties for small spaces

Add a pop of spring color to your patio with these flowering trees ideal for pots

Pink flowering tree
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Container gardening is ideal for keen gardeners who don't have a lot of space to work with. If you have a small backyard, balcony or only a patio space, there are many trees to grow in pots to choose from.

As spring approaches, you may notice lots of trees come into bloom. The good news is there are plenty of flowering trees to grow in pots at home, many of which bloom in beautiful shades of pink.

We've compiled an expert list of pink flowering trees for pots so that you can brighten up you yard no matter its size this spring.

Pink flowering tree in pot

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Best pink flowering trees for pots

Just because you don't have a big backyard or a lot of space to work with doesn't mean you can't grow trees. There are plenty of trees that can grow in pots and our expert list of pink flowering trees for pots will add a charming pop of spring color to your container garden. 

1.  Prunus 'Kursar' Tree 

Prunus 'kursar' tree

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A springtime favorite, flowering cherry trees are among the best fruit trees to grow in pots and are a must-have for the gardener who loves soft blooms. 

A small cherry tree variety that thrives in pots is the Prunus 'Kursar.' It's a deciduous tree that has spreading branches and flowers in a deep pink hue. The blooms are around half an inch wide and the tree itself reaches around 10 feet tall, although it will take many years to reach its ultimate height.

'Not only does this tree provide one of the most vivid pink blossoms you can get it’s leaves also turn color from purple in the spring to green in the summer and then orange in the fall,' says tree care expert Lisa Tadewaldt

This tree does best in full sun and may require some pruning in summer. It grows best in US hardiness zone 6 to zone 8.

Lisa Tadewaldt
Lisa Tadewaldt

Lisa Tadewaldt is co-founder of Urban Forest Pro, a tree care company based in Portland, Oregon, U.S. An ISA Certified Arborist, Lisa has been in the tree care business for over 20 years and has established a great reputation as a tree care expert within the industry.

 2. Malus toringo 'Aros' Tree 

Dwarf crab apple tree

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Crab apple trees bring a whole host of benefits to your yard, including stunning blooms in spring. They're ideal trees for small gardens because they grow quite compactly, making them great for pots.

The Malus toringo 'Aros' is a crab apple tree that has dark purple-pink flowers against a background of deep purple foliage. The deep color of their foliage and blooms make them a striking addition to patio arrangements.

'If you have a sunny spot for this tree, you will get the pink of the flowers in spring the deep red of the fruit all summer long,' says Lisa.

These trees can reach up to 10 feet tall and do best with lots of sun, thriving in US hardiness zone 4 to zone 8

3.  Magnolia 'George Henry Kern' Shrub 

Magnolia tree

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Among the best fast-growing flowering trees are magnolia trees which produce plumes of blooms in different shades of white and pink. Many types of magnolias do well in containers thanks to their compact nature.

'Magnolia 'George Henry Kern' is a shrub that blossoms in early spring and is usually one of the first to bloom as a beautiful reminder that spring is here,' says Lisa.

It produces light pink, elegant flowers that appear in March and flower through to summer. It does well in a more sheltered position and prefers well-draining soil to avoid oversaturation. 

These compact trees grow around 6.5 feet over two decades, ideal for growing in containers and moving around as you wish. They will do best in US hardiness zone 5 to zone 8.

4.  Cercis chinensis 'Avondale' 

Cercis chinensis 'Avondale'

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If you're after a flowering tree that produces an abundance of blooms, a redbud is the perfect choice. Redbud trees are among the best privacy trees because they have clusters of flowers. The smaller varieties can easily be grown in pots for striking shape and color.

'Semi-dwarf and compact, Cercis chinensis 'Avondale' is well-suited to growing in containers,' says Fern Berg, plant and gardening expert at Tree Vitalize 

This flowering tree produces tall branches with clusters of deep pink flowers, reaching around 13 feet in ultimate height and growing best in US hardiness zone 6.

'Ensure your tree receives adequate sun to enable the profusion of flowers in spring. Four to six hours of direct sun exposure with some shade during the afternoon is ideal,' she adds.

Headshot of Fern Berg
Fern Berg

Fern is the founder of Tree Vitalize and has planted and currently cares for over 100 different native and exotic fruit, nut, and ornamental trees. She also cultivates an extensive vegetable garden, several flower gardens and cares for an ever-growing happy family of indoor plants.

5. Fuchsia 'Elma'

Fuchsia Elma

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Fuchsia plants are loved for their bell-shaped flowers in hues of white, pink, purple and red. They're versatile and can be grown as trailing plants for hanging baskets but also as shrubs and small trees.

Fuchsia 'Elma' is is a hardy plant that blooms from June to November. Its showy head of foliage produces white and pink blooms and it's great for pots because it only grows up to three feet tall. 

This small tree can be grown in US hardiness zone 8 and does best in indirect sun or partial shade.

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What is the best potting mix for trees in pots?

No matter whether you're growing a small houseplant in a pot or a tree in a pot, you need to ensure soil can drain well. It's easier for soil to become waterlogged in containers, so it's essential to provide container plants with a well-draining potting mix. For example, using a potting mix with pine bark and perlite can assist in ensuring the plant or tree receives enough moisture but also doesn't hold onto excess water.

Pink flowering trees for pots offer you the ability to have a pop of color in your yard no matter its size. There are many to choose from, all in different sizes and hues of pink, so you can find the best pink flowering tree for your space. You can also explore a range of the best white flowering trees and shrubs for pots. If you're more of an urban gardener lacking outdoor space or simply want to bring the outdoors in, there are also plenty of low maintenance trees to grow indoors.

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