Designer Profile: Philip J. Consalvo

We speak to the NYC-based architect and designer about his career, past, present and future

Kitchen diner in apartment
(Image credit: Bjorg Magnea / PJC Architecture)

Philip J. Consalvo, AIA, established PJCArchitecture in 1998 with a vision to create an organization that fosters creativity and collaboration. Philip’s exploration into client goals is an integral part of his design process. A sensitivity to environment ensures that the client’s new and dynamic architectural spaces endure and grow with them.

Philip began his career at Fox and Fowle Architects working on design development through construction administration for projects including residential, corporate interiors, and new high-rise buildings. 

After graduating with honors from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Architecture, Philip participated in an international urban design competition, Foro Mundial de Jovenes Arquitectos, in Buenos Aires, Argentina – his team was awarded a silver medal. His passion for architecture extends to history and the arts. He considers the interrelated disciplines of music, theater, and literature as appropriate to each project. Here, we investigate his career.

What is your process when approaching a new project?

Philip J Consalvo

(Image credit: PJC Architecture)

'I approach each project individually and as a unique and special entity. I begin by gaining a deep understanding of our clients – who they are, what makes them special, and their lifestyle, sensibilities, needs, and desires. 

With this in mind, my main goal is to create a tailor-made project for them. Once I dive into the concept, I adhere to it meticulously throughout the entire process and do my best to use my creativity to address even the smallest detail to make sure the essence of the design is preserved.'

How would you describe your design style?

House exterior looking past patio into kitchen with dog

(Image credit: Bjorg Magnea / PJC Architecture)

'While every project is tailored to suit our clients’ distinct aesthetic and preferences, my personal design style combines simplicity, clean lines, functionality, and sustainability. 

'By integrating eco-friendly materials, prioritizing energy efficiency, and promoting longevity in design, my goal is to create warm, inviting spaces that not only reflect our clients’ personal styles but also contribute positively to their well-being. 

'Clean lines play a crucial role in my design aesthetic. This approach helps achieve a sense of clarity and harmony within each space. It allows the key elements and features of the design to shine, providing visual calmness and a timeless aesthetic.'

What is your key design philosophy?

Home snug / home library with couch and blue walls with shelving

(Image credit: Bjorg Magnea / PJC Architecture)

'As an architect based in New York, I strongly believe in maximizing the utilization of every inch of space. My philosophy revolves around creatively designing spaces that are flexible and adaptable, ensuring that clients can easily modify them to suit their evolving needs. 

'On a bigger scale, when undertaking ground-up structures, our approach involves creating massing that works in harmony with the site’s conditions and its surroundings.'

How would you advise your younger self?

Home bar with doors open, doors closed adjacent

(Image credit: Bjorg Magnea / PJC Architecture)

'Enjoy where you are in each phase of your career and development as an architect/designer. Often, we so want to be at the next stage in our career that we miss what is happening around us and the lessons to be learned. 

'Don’t forget to laugh along the way (and keep up on your bartending skills in case you need a fallback career)!'

What are your career highlights?

Open plan living room with dining space and kitchen in high rise apartment

(Image credit: Bjorg Magnea / PJC Architecture)

'My career highlight was starting my own firm and keeping it running through word-of-mouth referrals. I have been lucky enough to create a team of such talented and collaborative architects/designers. Their diverse backgrounds help to stimulate our unique creativity and represent the firm’s philosophy.

'I am proud to be able to comfortably work on various types of projects that reflect the different spectrums of architecture. From the most basic and simple architectural principles that celebrate vernacular architecture, to high-end and fully customized projects, our work exemplifies the versatility and adaptability of the field.' 

What would be your dream job right now?

Living room with double height glazing and brick wall

(Image credit: Juank Paredes / PJC Architecture)

'Looking ahead, my dream job is something that has social, environmental, and cultural impact. The world we’re living in is terrifying enough, and as architects we have the chance to create healthy, safe, and nurturing spaces, for the benefit of present and future generations.'

What's on the horizon for you?

Entryway with black storage surrounded by wood

(Image credit: Bjorg Magnea / PJC Architecture)

'One of my primary objectives for future projects is to tackle them with a solid dedication to sustainable design. Moreover, I aim to persistently expand my knowledge and incorporate emerging technologies, while nurturing my personal and professional development, and reflecting this growth in my work.' 

You can discover more at PJCArchitecture

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