Windsor Castle – the historic home where the Prince and Princess of Wales will reside

Windsor Castle continues to be one of the jewels in Britain’s royal heritage

Windsor Castle View from the Long Walk, Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK
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The Prince and Princess of Wales are expected to move into the late Her Majesty The Queen's Windsor Castle home, taking on new roles with their change in status and seniority after the recent death of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

It was a bestowment we knew was coming: On the day of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, Prince William and Kate Middleton changed their social media bios from 'The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall' to 'The Prince and Princess of Wales', inferring that a transfer of titles from Charles to William had already begun to take place.

In a recent television address to the nation, King Charles III also confirmed that his son 'will undertake the responsibilities of the Duchy of Cornwall.' The Duchy of Cornwall is a working 150,000-acre estate in England complete with its own organic food company – and a multimillion-dollar income. The revenue from the Duchy pays for much of the private expenses of the royal family, including wardrobes and extra security.

Where is Windsor Castle?

Windsor Castle is a royal residence at Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. Unsurprisingly, Windsor Castle is one of the world's best homes and is surrounded by magnificent gardens and parklands, much of which can be accessed by the public.

Windsor Castle Skyline, Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK, GB.

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What is the history of Windsor Castle?

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. It was built in the 11th Century by William the Conqueror and took 16 years to complete. Since the reign of Henry I (1100–1135), it has been home to 40 monarchs, including our late HM Queen Elizabeth II, who counted it among one of her favorite royal residences.

Whilst the castle was originally meant to serve as a defensive structure, its prime location next to a hunting ground attracted King Henry I, who began using it as a residence, and it has been lived in by every monarch since then. 

By modern times the castle had become so inextricably linked with the royal family that when during the First World War George V decided to change the family name from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (acquired when Victoria married the German prince Albert) to something more British, the name he chose was Windsor.

Over its lengthy history, the Castle has undergone extensive renovations, including restoration work after a fire broke out in 1992, mostly paid for using the proceeds made by opening the castle and Buckingham Palace up to the public. The areas that were most badly damaged, such as St George’s Hall, were redesigned in a modern gothic style, while the other parts were restored to the condition in which George IV had left them.

Windsor Castle occupies 13 acres and hosts over a million visitors a year. It’s also the resting place of many deceased monarchs and royal family members, including Henry VIII, his third and favorite wife Jane Seymour, Princess Margaret, and the Queen Mother, who passed away in 2002.

Prince William and Kate Middleton joined by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle view the flowers laid as a tribute to there Grandmother Queen Elizabeth 11 after she passed away last Thursday

The Prince and Prince of Wales are joined by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on a walkabout to greet well-wishers in Windsor

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Who lives in Windsor Castle now?

Today the castle is still used as a residence for the royal family, and it will be the future home of the Prince and Princess of Wales. HM Queen Elizabeth II spent many of her private weekends there – she is believed to have preferred it to Buckingham Palace – and chose to reside here officially over the Easter period. 

The castle is by all definitions a working palace, with even St George’s Chapel being used for daily services. Windsor also plays host to important guests, which can include political leaders as well as heads of Commonwealth nations

Will the Prince and Princess of Wales live in Windsor Castle?

It is believed that the Prince and Princess of Wales will delay moving into Windsor Castle in order to avoid more upheaval for their children after moving house just a week ago, according to royal sources.

The royal couple had hoped to bring a semblance of normality to their three children’s lives by living in the four-bedroomed Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate, and carrying out daily school runs to Lambrook School, an independent preparatory school.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are said to be highly aware their youngsters have experienced a house move, starting a new school, and the death of their ‘Gan-Gan’ in only a matter of a week.

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