Decorator's Address Book: 12 interior designers on the best places to shop for tiles

From kitchens and bathrooms to laundry and utility spaces, tiles are the perfect way to blend function and style

Decorators Address Book where to buy tiles
(Image credit: Arsight/Living with Lolo & Life Created/Ayse Iyriboz)

Decorators Address Book is a monthly series in which our Interior Design team finds out where designers like to browse and shop for their projects. Each edition focuses on a different element of home decor to bring you the best expert-recommended stores.

The second edition of H&G's new series, Decorator's Address Book, is here, and this month is all about tiles. From kitchens to bathrooms, walls to floors to backsplash designs, tiles are an integral element of home decor.

Tiles are a key design feature in the home, especially in more utilitarian spaces. Blending function and practicality with aesthetically pleasing colors and patterns, tiles open the doors of opportunity to create beautiful schemes that can withstand the everyday wear and tear spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, endure.

Who better to turn to than interior design experts to find out the best places to browse, source and buy tiles? After all, they're the ones who use them for a living. There's a truly varied selection here, from well-known stores to artisan tile makers, so there's sure to be a selection to suit every budget and taste.

1. Fireclay Tile

Shower room decorated with tiles from Fireclay Tile

(Image credit: Tama Bell Design/Stephanie Russo Photography)

Tama Bell, senior designer at Tama Bell Design

'Tile is one of my favorite materials to specify for our clients. The possibilities are truly endless and the curated combinations make the exercise of creating spaces some of the most creative aspects of my job.'

'Fireclay Tile is a wonderful shopping source for a variety of reasons. The color options are abundant and the opportunity to select a variety of shapes and sizes along with customizing a mix of colors makes them a go-to for us when designing with tile.'

'The shower walls in the master bathroom are a two-toned color mix of Fireclay’s Rosemary and Overcast in their three-inch triangle.'

2. Cle Tile

Bathroom decorated with Cle Tile tiles

(Image credit: Arsight)

Artem Kropovinsky, founder & principal designer at Arsight

'My favorite tile manufacturer is Cle Tile. They offer a wide range of cement tiles in various shapes, colors, and sizes. These include squares, rectangles, and other shapes. They even provide custom options for unique designs to cater to specific client preferences.'

'What I really appreciate about them is their uneven texture, which adds drama and diversity to a space. Even if it's a large flat surface made from tiles, this unevenness makes the space much more interesting.'

'I also like that many tiles from Cle are handcrafted and made to order. It's possible to personalize the color selections. They are of good quality and their imperfections make each piece unique and distinctive.'

3. Tiles of Ezra

Kitchen tiles used on the extractor fan hood

(Image credit: Pure Design Inc/Janis Nicolay)

Ami Mckay, president & principal interior designer at Pure Design Inc

'I love Tiles of Ezra and other handmade tiles because they stand the test of time! For the last 4 years I have been looking at real estate in Italy and my favorite homes have the original terra cotta tiles. Their organic beauty and character are captivating and they get better with time.'

4. Ann Sacks

Bathroom design using Ann Sacks tiles

(Image credit: Melinda Kelson O'Connor Architecture & Interiors/Erin Kelly)

Kathy Kuo, CEO of Kathy Kuo Home

'I am a longtime fan of tiles of all kinds from Ann Sacks. In the interiors world, Ann Sacks really feels synonymous with high-quality, beautiful tiling options, and I love that they offer tiles for every type of space – kitchen, bathroom, outdoor – and in a wide variety of premium materials, from porcelain and ceramic to concrete and stone.'

Mindy O'Connor, principal and founder of Melinda Kelson O'Connor Architecture & Interiors

'Ann Sacks has an enormous range of lovely tiles, but one line that often crops up as a standard and workhorse in any project for me is the Savoy line. Crafted by Japanese artisans, the collection is so simple and versatile, with penny rounds, subway tiles, classic field sizes, thin herringbone mosaics, and extensive trim pieces in simple whites, soft blues, greens, and grays.' 

'The edges are crisp but you can choose a minimalist variation on the plain tiles with a lightly accented subtle color that is washed on the edges in rice paper (grey on white) and cottonwood (blue on white) among others. These leave a softness and luxurious quality to a standard field application that is very sophisticated at a nice price point. The installation cost remains the same, but the effect is elevated. The tile is also created in a waste-conscious fashion.'

5. Artisan tile makers

Shower tiles

(Image credit: Becky Shea Design/Jake Shea)

Becky Shea, principal at Becky Shea Design

'When it comes to purchasing tiles, I gravitate towards artisanal vendors such as Clé Tile, Fireclay Tile, Tabarka Studio, and Zia Tile. These esteemed artisans each bring a unique flair to their creations, offering handcrafted tiles that exude an organic and raw aesthetic.' 

'Whether it's Clé Tile's elegant designs, Fireclay Tile's commitment to sustainability, Tabarka Studio's timeless craftsmanship, or Zia Tile's innovative patterns, each vendor embodies a dedication to quality and artistry that elevates any space.' 

'Choosing tiles from these artisans not only enhances the visual appeal of my projects but also supports a tradition of craftsmanship that values individuality and authenticity.'

6. Zia Tile

Kitchen decorated with dark tiles

(Image credit: Dmar Interiors/Molly Rose)

Luis Carmona, owner and interior designer at Verde

'Zia Tile is one of our favorite places to find tile for both commercial and residential projects. What I love about using tile is that it adds so much character and depth to a design. Between the design and shape of the tile, the grout and how the tile is laid out, you can create a space with so much texture and flow.' 

'Oftentimes, tile acts like decor in a space giving the area color and personality. Zia Tile has options made of ceramic, cement, and limestone which are perfect options when designing a kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space that needs that extra bit of character. The grainy surface of their tile gives the area you are designing a tactile feel that elevates the space.'

Mollie Ranize, lead interior designer and founder at Dmar Interiors

'Zia Tile is one of our favorite go-tos. They are not only always keeping up with what is performing really strongly in the design world, but they are always working to stay ahead of it.' 

'They seem to do this by offering a deep selection of types of materials (everything from Zellige, Ceramic, Terra Cotta, Brick, Limestone and even Terrazzo). And everything comes in so many rich colors and in classic to fun shapes.'  

'The quality of their materials is really unbeatable and they are one of the companies that remains so easy to deal with no matter their growth. We are able to use their tile in every style of home from Spanish to Craftsman to Modern and beyond. They are a truly invaluable vendor.'

Natalie Rebuck, principal designer at Re: Design Architects

'One of my favorite places to source tile is Zia Tile. They have beautiful, unique tiles that come in a variety of colors! And on top of that, they are affordably priced, and typically available in a timely manner.' 

'I've sourced them for a few different projects, including two different houses in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, including a kitchen, and a bathroom, speaking to the versatility offered.'

7. Bedrosians

Fireplace decorated with patterned black and white tiles

(Image credit: Living with Lolo/Life Created)

Lauren Lerner, CEO and founder of Living with Lolo 

'Bedrosians offers a wide range of in-stock items with swift shipping, featuring a diverse selection of quality products. I can rely on them to have just what I need right when I need it. We like that Bedrosians offers many different price points to suit our various client needs and budgets.'

8. Clay Imports

Shower nook decorated with orange and pink tiles from Clay Imports

(Image credit: Ayse Iyriboz)

Shelagh Conway, Principal and Founder of Triple Heart Design

'I love Clay Imports for unique and handmade tiles! We are using their Relief Mudcloth Cowrie tile in an upcoming new build Casita in Austin, TX. It is fun and fresh and will add beautiful visual interest to our project in both the kitchenette and bathroom.'

9. Studio GdB

Green and blue shower tiles

(Image credit: STUDIO KEETA/Sydney Krantz)

Kristina Khersonsky, interior designer and principal at STUDIO KEETA

'One of our favorite tile makers currently is Studio GdB, operating out of the Netherlands. Their methodology is cutting edge, in that their printer allows for a computer-controlled application of liquid glaze to apply directly onto the ceramic tiles in a biscuit state (semi-manufactured, baked once without glaze). The machine works as a digital printer, allowing for quick changes.'

'We’re always impressed with artisans that push the envelope and experiment with new forms and techniques, but aside from that, their machinery can produce a wide assortment of patterns and designs. They also offer an extensive assortment of colors which allows for more flexibility in the color palette and overall design.' 

'Not only that, but the sample-receiving process is seamless and quick, making it easy to get as custom and creative with your tile designs as you please, although they operate out of the Netherlands. And one of our favorite elements of the actual tile is how thin they are!'

'This makes installation a bit simpler and the application of these tiles on other surfaces besides a wall, possible. Given how slender the tiles are, we’ve installed Studio GdB tiles as a baseboard in one project’s guest bathroom!'

10. Heath Ceramics

Chimney breast decorated in black glossy tiles

(Image credit: Melinda Kelson O'Connor Architecture & Interiors/Wendy Concannon)

Mindy O'Connor, principal and founder of Melinda Kelson O'Connor Architecture & Interiors

'Heath tiles have been sustainably handcrafted in California since the 1960s. Heath is perfect for creating a sophisticated look in a specific palette because of their unmatched color glazes. Each of the 90-something glaze options has a variation number within it.' 

'The colors have a combined depth and beauty when applied in large swaths and can integrate with the architecture beautifully. And the field tiles come in many shapes and sizes making them absolutely versatile, and usable in so many places, large and small. The deep colors are especially alluring, and the whites offer an unusual amount of character and beauty.'

Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, from color and pattern to timeless styles, and they really bring a scheme to life. So whether you invest in beautiful tiles from an artisan maker of source pieces from well-known stores, you can shop with the assurance these tiles will stand the test of time, and look great as they do!

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