Designer Profile: Jessica Jubelirer

H&G sat down with designer Jessica Jubelirer to talk about her artistic, refined, and yet relaxed style, her inspiration, and why she doesn't follow trends

Designer profile Jessica Jubelirer
(Image credit: Photography Douglas Friedman/Styling Mieke ten Have)

Designer Jessica Jubelirer's style is what everyone is after right now, it's classic yet current, chic yet characterful and her projects all blend eras and aesthetics so effortlessly to create timeless spaces. 

This week H&G sat down with the designer to talk about where it began, where it's going, how she describes her own style, her opinions on this year's interior design trends, and plenty more. 

'I founded my studio in 2008 as a collaborative effort to produce thoughtful and timeless spaces that allow my clients to live inside a work of art,' explains Jessica. 'A love of artistry, heritage techniques, and beauty guides all my work. Though I craft spaces with beautiful quality, textures, and forms, all my projects are meant to be durable and utilitarian. My design work never sacrifices comfort and warmth for aesthetics.'

What is your design aesthetic?

Rustic dining room with open shelving

(Image credit: Photography Douglas Friedman/Styling Mieke ten Have)

'My projects are beautiful as well as practical, designed to be lived in – layered with texture, color, and personality. Whether I’m working with a client to design a condo in a modern high-rise, on a traditional new build, or to spruce up a room, all of my work is grounded in individuality, livability, artistry, and quality. No two projects are ever the same, but a love of age-old methods and craftsmanship are guiding principles that allow us to create spaces that are classic and inviting.'

How did it all begin?

Rustic living room with alcove shelves

(Image credit: Photography Douglas Friedman/Styling Mieke ten Have)

'Growing up, my mother was a textile artist. I have many memories of playing under her in-progress quilts or helping her at her weaving loom. Weekends were spent at art fairs and shows, immersed in artistry from a young age which ignited my imagination.'

What kind of work does your firm do?

Vintage bathroom with green tiles and rattan ceiling

(Image credit: Photography Douglas Friedman/Styling Mieke ten Have)

'My studio works on special residential and commercial projects. No two projects are alike, but my studio, clients, and our collaborators always have fun and relish in the creative process for projects as varied as designing a historical home in Palm Beach or New York, a timeless new build in Washington, D.C., a modernist apartment in Singapore, a lakeside summer home in the Midwest, a family office in a glass and steel high-rise, lodging at a U.S. Open championship golf course, or a casual getaway nestled on a forested cliffside.

Grounding our studio’s work is a highly personal design process that explores a variety of styles, which couldn’t be completed without my talented team. We execute each project with great skill, detail, and ease for our clients.

My firm’s work tries to strike a balance between what is beautiful and what is practical. We love to collaborate with artists, ateliers, weavers, and workrooms from the world over to craft spaces that are simultaneously works of art yet warm, inviting, and sensible. I always balance form and function in my work, and the process of finding the right collaborators for each project is a fun part of the creative journey. The joy is finding new artisans and craftspeople to create magic with.'

What's your favorite project you have worked on so far?

Rustic kitchen that opens into a dining area

(Image credit: Photography Douglas Friedman/Styling Mieke ten Have)

'I always enjoy working with clients who want to craft imaginative and artful spaces - my favorite project is always the next one when I get to dream up something new. My wheels are always turning, collecting inspiration and dreaming up the next work of art.'

Who would be your dream clients?

Rustic entryway with vintage bench

(Image credit: Photography Douglas Friedman/Styling Mieke ten Have)

'My dream clients are anyone who shares my appreciation for artistry and craftsmanship, and those who go about the design process embracing creativity and imagination. My dream projects are those that allow us to get endlessly creative, whether that might mean bringing in a decorative artist from the U.K. or creating a custom wallpaper to incorporate personal elements into a space.'

Who inspired you when you started? And who inspires you now?

Rustic living room with high beamed ceilings

(Image credit: Photography Douglas Friedman/Styling Mieke ten Have)

'As I mentioned, my mother was a textile artist; this sparked my love of artistry and hand-made crafts.  What inspires me today is all of the artists we work with around the world who create so much joy through their art. Manufacturers supporting fabric mills and breathing fresh life into traditional designs or historical methods of block printing fabrics, I am inspired by new and timeless takes on tradition supported by amazing collaborators.'

Rustic bedroom with large alcove

(Image credit: Photography Douglas Friedman/Styling Mieke ten Have)

'Admittedly, I don’t pay much attention to trends. My design style is timeless and eclectic - I’m not afraid to mix traditional Portuguese motifs, modern Mexican artistry, and English antiques within the same project. 

Right now, I am loving rattan elements for more tropical projects, which feel very 70s Amalfi Coast. I’m currently working on a collaboration with Fromental out of London, which is a harmonious blend of my artistic inspiration and their craftsmanship.  I also just designed two rugs for Ruggable, and I’m loving how their washable rugs can endure rambunctious children, adorable dogs, and lively dinner parties.'

See more of Jessica's projects on her website or Instagram

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